Adventures with the Boswells

Andrew’s Birthday Party

My husband is halfway to 50. Let’s talk about how terrifying that sounds. No, on second thought, let’s not.

We decided to do a football themed birthday party because we had already done a movie theme for Andrew at a past birthday, and football is more fun. :) I made up this little invite in Photoshop and ordered it from my photo lab. They turned out great!


Sorry for splotching it by blocking out the address. I love picture creepers, but not actual creepers. ;)


I spent a good portion of the last month and a half planning, and Mom-in-law came to help me set up some things on the day of the party. We were exhausted by the end of the night, but it was worth it! I used a chalkboard marker for the “Happy Birthday Andrew” sign, and spray painted the little 25 numbers that I got from Hobby Lobby.


The balloons and little popcorn containers came from Party Galaxy.





I made and printed out the water bottle labels from Photoshop. There are a million free templates online that make it easy to get the sizing right.


Andrew loves chicken wings, and I feel like they go hand in hand with football, so we ordered a bunch from Buffalo Wild Wings. The boys devoured them. …I must confess…I have never ever tried a chicken wing. They look messy.



The photo booth produced some of my new favorite pictures everrrr. Brother-in-law and I tested it out first.



Baby sister chef made the cake and cupcakes because she’s stellar. They were a big hit, and Andrew definitely loved the cake.


We also had some famous Uncle Mitch cookies. :)


And then we feasted and partied.



Please look how cute my best friend is.










My family wins.









I was obsessed with this football toss we made. It was so much fun!







Not a bad way to turn a quarter of a century old. ;)

If you missed it – click here to see the surprise video we made for Andrew. Make sure to watch to the very end, because Jack is the star. ;)


Easter 2014

We had such a wonderful celebration of Resurrection Sunday with our ridiculously cute families. :) I’m just going to unleash a bunch of photos on you. And tomorrow I’m going to unleash an abundance of photos from Andrew’s birthday party, so forgive me.



























Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend as well. :)




Andrew’s 25th Birthday

My handsome husband is 25 years old today!!! It’s hard to believe that I met him seven years ago. I’ve been so blessed to spend so much time with this good-looking man! ;)


He’s such a trooper with my photo shoots. :)

We celebrated Andrew turning a quarter of a century old with a fun football party this weekend! It was full of great food, fun, family, and friends. :) I’ll share more about it this week, but here’s a little sneak peek.





Before we sang happy birthday and dug into the killer cake and cupcakes my baby sister made, we surprised him with this video I made with all his favorite people. Click on the link to watch!

25 Things We Love About Andrew


Happy birthday, husband! I’m so incredibly proud to call you mine. Can’t wait to celebrate some more with you today! :)

And happy Monday loves! Stay tuned for lots of fun posts planned for this week.



It Is Finished

The first time I heard this song, I wept like a baby. (You can watch the music video here - just know that it has pretty graphic scenes pulled from The Passion of the Christ movie.) It is such a beautiful telling of what Jesus has done for us. I have heard the gospel my whole life, but I’m constantly amazed at how Christ’s love and sacrifice never cease to move me. I am so incredibly thankful for such a Savior. Praying you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

It Is Finished – by Matt Papa

Once and for all, once and for all
You offered up your life
For one and all, for one and all
The perfect sacrifice
Atoning blood was shed
Love conquered when you said

It is finished
It is done
To the world salvation comes
Hallelujah, we’re alive!
Hell was silenced when you cried
It is finished, it is finished

Who is this King? Who is this King?
So mighty and so strong
He is the One, He is the One
The earth has waited for
God’s remedy for sin
With mercy for all men

It is finished
It is done
To the world salvation comes
Hallelujah, we’re alive!
Hell was silenced when you cried
It is finished, it is finished

The earth shook and trembled
The sun bowed its head
The veil of the temple was opened for man
As Jesus went down in the cold of the grave
Defeated the darkness when He overcame
The keys of the Kingdom were placed into hands
Of children and priests and of fishers of men
Through all generations His voice will be heard
Creation resounds the victorious word

It is finished
It is done
To the world salvation comes
Hallelujah, we’re alive!
Hell was silenced when you cried

It is finished
It is done
Now completed the work of love
Hallelujah, He’s alive!
Join the song of the ransomed bride
It is finished, it is finished
It is finished, it is finished



Smarties. When I was a tiny tot, I adored them. I would pass them out to my family members. Somehow I forgot about them for several years, but now I constantly have them in my house. 25 calories each. Yes.

Everybody Loves Raymond. We don’t have cable…it’s not worth it to me. I’m pretty sure we own 12% of the world’s DVDs, but TV is completely lost on me. So much filth in the world makes its home on television, and I just don’t want it in my house. However…I own every season of the show Everybody Loves Raymond, and I’m obsessed. If you have 23 minutes to spare, watch my favorite episode here. I love this show so much. It’s clean (90% of the time) and hilarious and relatable.

Animals. I needs them all. At the zoo, in the street, in my house…I love them. I’m so sad about the baby giraffe from our OKC zoo that didn’t make it through surgery. Guys…I teared up. That sounds ridiculous, but I was wearing a giraffe necklace on the day she died, and I couldn’t hold it in. Haha. I have an abnormal attachment to furry friends. Truthfully, I think they’re more likable than most people.

Reese’s. All things chocolate really. (Milk chocolate, of course. Dark chocolate does not belong in my home.) I can’t think of a better pair than chocolate and peanut butter. I keep a supply of miniature Reese’s in my home right next to the Smarties. See?


Jurassic Park. Obviously, right? I have to watch it monthly, if not weekly.

Running. Certainly an obsession that popped up in the last two years, running is now one of my favorite things. I crave it. It’s a brilliant therapy session. And it helps balance out my food obsessions.

Jack Sparrow. Surprised? I didn’t think so.


Pinterest. I send pins like these to my sister all day long.





Pizza. Let’s just say all delicious foods. But particularly alfredo pizza. ;)


Handsome Husband. This stud is less than a week away from turning 25!! I’m having a nervous breakdown for him. ;)


What are your obsessions? :) Happy Thursday!!



Inexpensive Date Ideas

My favorite part of every week is date night! I’m always looking for new (and frugal) things to do. Here are some of our favorites!


1. Go on a picnic.

I know – not always an option in Oklahoma wind and fickle weather, but indoor picnics are super fun too! Lay out a blanket, feast on picnic food, and watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. If it is nice outside, make up some sandwiches (or better yet, pick up a pizza) and go dine outdoors. ;)

2. Go bowling.

It may not be free, but it’s usually less expensive than other date nights, especially if you check for coupons and Groupon deals. Our bowling alley has discount nights if you come at a certain time. Split some french fries for dinner and play until you’re good enough to skip the bumpers.

3. Play Hide & Seek.

I never thought I would play this game after the age of 10, but the other night we pulled out the flashlights, turned off the lights, and played Hide & Seek in the dark. It was hilariously fun. Jack likes to play too. It’s all fun and games until Jack finds you and jumps on you with excitement.

4. Take pictures.

If you have a patient significant other, this is an easy one for you and your wallet. Drive around and find some fun or pretty places to take some photos and make some memories. :) You can order cheap 4×6 prints of your adventures, or even make a little Shutterfly book when they have a sale.

5. Have a game night.

Bananagrams. Monopoly. Yahtzee. Just don’t let Mario Kart come into the house unless you’re sure your marriage can handle it. If you don’t have any board games, try computer games you can play together, or download some apps for your iPhone if you’re desperate.

6. Imaginary or Future Vacation Planning.

As a planner, this is one of my favorites. Pick a place you want to go, grab a notebook and computer, and dream. Research the best resorts to stay at in Cancun, the coolest Disney parks, or the best views in Hawaii. Check out and even price your little getaway so you can save up for it. Also check out because it’s awesome.

7. Running/Biking/Being Outside.

I think this is self-explanatory, but Vitamin D is good stuff. I love being a homebody, but I feel so much healthier and better when we go exercise or do something outside. It’s free. I love free.

8. Cook a new recipe together.

Pinterest. What did we do before it was invented!? I could scroll down that Food & Drink page all day long. Pick out a recipe that looks delicious and make it together.

9. Ice Cream Date.

Um…duh. Chocolate and peanut butter. Forever and ever. Amen.

10. Target.

Danger for your wallet lurks at every cute, well-accessorized corner of this store, but if you’re able to go without taking any cash or credit cards with you, you just might make it a fun date night. Test out the furniture, drool over the clearance aisles, and try to resist baby fever as you pass the aisles of miniature shoes and baby hats.


Yays and Nays

The warm weather that is supposed to be coming this week. YAY!

Taxes. NAY.

Andrew’s birthday coming up. YAY! (OH the things I have planned. Can’t wait to share.)

Jack nudging my arm every ten minutes and not letting me get any work done today. NAY. (He does make a cute little under-the-desk creeper.)


Happy, springtime mail. YAY! (Thanks Elizabeth!)


Hunger pains. NAY.

Pizza victory feast to come this weekend after I get down a couple more pounds. YAY!

Eating healthy. NAY YAY. I realize this should be a yay, but this week it most definitely feels like a nay. I miss my garlic bread and chocolate.

Spring sessions and the return of greenery. YAY! (How cute is this munchkin!?)


Puppy snuggles. YAY. What a champ.


I don’t even mind that he sometimes blocks my movie view.


Pins from friends that understand me at my core. YAY.


A new day full of sunshine with happy gifts from Jesus. YAY.





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