Adventures with the Boswells


Smarties. When I was a tiny tot, I adored them. I would pass them out to my family members. Somehow I forgot about them for several years, but now I constantly have them in my house. 25 calories each. Yes.

Everybody Loves Raymond. We don’t have cable…it’s not worth it to me. I’m pretty sure we own 12% of the world’s DVDs, but TV is completely lost on me. So much filth in the world makes its home on television, and I just don’t want it in my house. However…I own every season of the show Everybody Loves Raymond, and I’m obsessed. If you have 23 minutes to spare, watch my favorite episode here. I love this show so much. It’s clean (90% of the time) and hilarious and relatable.

Animals. I needs them all. At the zoo, in the street, in my house…I love them. I’m so sad about the baby giraffe from our OKC zoo that didn’t make it through surgery. Guys…I teared up. That sounds ridiculous, but I was wearing a giraffe necklace on the day she died, and I couldn’t hold it in. Haha. I have an abnormal attachment to furry friends. Truthfully, I think they’re more likable than most people.

Reese’s. All things chocolate really. (Milk chocolate, of course. Dark chocolate does not belong in my home.) I can’t think of a better pair than chocolate and peanut butter. I keep a supply of miniature Reese’s in my home right next to the Smarties. See?


Jurassic Park. Obviously, right? I have to watch it monthly, if not weekly.

Running. Certainly an obsession that popped up in the last two years, running is now one of my favorite things. I crave it. It’s a brilliant therapy session. And it helps balance out my food obsessions.

Jack Sparrow. Surprised? I didn’t think so.


Pinterest. I send pins like these to my sister all day long.





Pizza. Let’s just say all delicious foods. But particularly alfredo pizza. ;)


Handsome Husband. This stud is less than a week away from turning 25!! I’m having a nervous breakdown for him. ;)


What are your obsessions? :) Happy Thursday!!



Inexpensive Date Ideas

My favorite part of every week is date night! I’m always looking for new (and frugal) things to do. Here are some of our favorites!


1. Go on a picnic.

I know – not always an option in Oklahoma wind and fickle weather, but indoor picnics are super fun too! Lay out a blanket, feast on picnic food, and watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. If it is nice outside, make up some sandwiches (or better yet, pick up a pizza) and go dine outdoors. ;)

2. Go bowling.

It may not be free, but it’s usually less expensive than other date nights, especially if you check for coupons and Groupon deals. Our bowling alley has discount nights if you come at a certain time. Split some french fries for dinner and play until you’re good enough to skip the bumpers.

3. Play Hide & Seek.

I never thought I would play this game after the age of 10, but the other night we pulled out the flashlights, turned off the lights, and played Hide & Seek in the dark. It was hilariously fun. Jack likes to play too. It’s all fun and games until Jack finds you and jumps on you with excitement.

4. Take pictures.

If you have a patient significant other, this is an easy one for you and your wallet. Drive around and find some fun or pretty places to take some photos and make some memories. :) You can order cheap 4×6 prints of your adventures, or even make a little Shutterfly book when they have a sale.

5. Have a game night.

Bananagrams. Monopoly. Yahtzee. Just don’t let Mario Kart come into the house unless you’re sure your marriage can handle it. If you don’t have any board games, try computer games you can play together, or download some apps for your iPhone if you’re desperate.

6. Imaginary or Future Vacation Planning.

As a planner, this is one of my favorites. Pick a place you want to go, grab a notebook and computer, and dream. Research the best resorts to stay at in Cancun, the coolest Disney parks, or the best views in Hawaii. Check out and even price your little getaway so you can save up for it. Also check out because it’s awesome.

7. Running/Biking/Being Outside.

I think this is self-explanatory, but Vitamin D is good stuff. I love being a homebody, but I feel so much healthier and better when we go exercise or do something outside. It’s free. I love free.

8. Cook a new recipe together.

Pinterest. What did we do before it was invented!? I could scroll down that Food & Drink page all day long. Pick out a recipe that looks delicious and make it together.

9. Ice Cream Date.

Um…duh. Chocolate and peanut butter. Forever and ever. Amen.

10. Target.

Danger for your wallet lurks at every cute, well-accessorized corner of this store, but if you’re able to go without taking any cash or credit cards with you, you just might make it a fun date night. Test out the furniture, drool over the clearance aisles, and try to resist baby fever as you pass the aisles of miniature shoes and baby hats.


Yays and Nays

The warm weather that is supposed to be coming this week. YAY!

Taxes. NAY.

Andrew’s birthday coming up. YAY! (OH the things I have planned. Can’t wait to share.)

Jack nudging my arm every ten minutes and not letting me get any work done today. NAY. (He does make a cute little under-the-desk creeper.)


Happy, springtime mail. YAY! (Thanks Elizabeth!)


Hunger pains. NAY.

Pizza victory feast to come this weekend after I get down a couple more pounds. YAY!

Eating healthy. NAY YAY. I realize this should be a yay, but this week it most definitely feels like a nay. I miss my garlic bread and chocolate.

Spring sessions and the return of greenery. YAY! (How cute is this munchkin!?)


Puppy snuggles. YAY. What a champ.


I don’t even mind that he sometimes blocks my movie view.


Pins from friends that understand me at my core. YAY.


A new day full of sunshine with happy gifts from Jesus. YAY.




These Days

It’s been a while since I’ve been consistently posting two or three times a week, and I blame the winter. And for the past week of fewer posts, I blame taxes. ;) I’m working a bunch at job #1 and #2 to try to pay off that chunk as quickly as possible. *insert obnoxious comment about the government*

SO. Let’s play catch up again, shall we?

Things are getting greener – praise the Lord. Warmer weather should be headed our way. It’s still a bit fickle, but shoots are picking up, and soon wedding season will hit. I’m so thankful that I took less weddings this year, but I’m super excited for the weddings I do have because they’re going to be awesome. I’m also excited for more time to spend enjoying summer and planning adventures. :)

Andrew is still loving his new job! He really enjoys the people he works with and is starting to get the hang of everything. We are praising the Lord! It has been a tremendous blessing. Thank you all for the prayers.

2014 feels like it’s zooming pretty fast already. Here are some adventures that we wrapped up the last week or so. :)


We met these cuties at the zoo last weekend!


I bought Andrew that shirt because he needed it. I’m obsessed.


I just love little Pierce!



Cutie pies.


We introduced Gabby to Star Wars, and the boys went crazy.


Andrew & I dined at Cheesecake Factory and rejoiced over the bread.


I think this was my first time to try Chicken Teriyaki…at least in several years. It was a winner!


We feasted on our back porch when the weather was nice. :)



Jackers was a tad jealous.


These boys. They melt my heart.


Saturday I saw Captain America with my very own Captain America. ;)


And we napped like champs.

We have several more adventures planned for this month! I am hoping to get enough work in and still be able to keep up with blogging this month. Happy Monday, loves!


Freebie Land

I offer you the fruits of my free-time Photoshop labor. In springtime colors.

Do you need some blank invites? Or thank you cards? Or paper to doodle on? Here. Have these.





Or do you need a new menu planner? Go ahead. Fill in two of the spaces with pizza.



How about a weekly planner instead?



Happy Wednesday!


Easy Tricks to a Better Day

1. Eat breakfast.

It’s astonishing to me that I once thought breakfast was a waste of my time. I hardly ate breakfast in high school, and if I did, it was an instant breakfast drink that was gone in 30 seconds. I place so much value on my morning routine and breakfast now, and it truly is an essential start to a good day. I sit down with my beloved chocolate-chip pancake, and I start the day slow. ;) There is no rushing, no crazy, no stress for that simple 5 minutes of my morning. It is glorious. Follow up with some Jesus time, and your day is golden.

2. Run.

I know. Two years ago, I would have said running was a sure-fire way to have the worst day of your life, but hear me out. It’s exercise. It’s pumping those endorphins. It’s a way to feel healthy and accomplished. And if you start to do it weekly, you’ll be surprised how addicted you become to it. Even if you don’t run, go for a walk or track some calorie-burning on a treadmill. Play hyper music to get you through, and you will feel awesome when you’re done.

3. Have a nature retreat. 

This might just be a personality thing for me, but I’d like to assume it’s an all-around thing that people like. GO OUTSIDE. Read a book or take a nap in the park. Have a pizza picnic by yourself. It will give you some Vitamin D and put you in a good mood (especially if you have pizza). Smell some flowers, take a long walk, and de-stress. It works. I am on a computer for a good portion of the day for work, and it always feels like Heaven when I get a break to go outside and recharge. If you can’t go outside, put on some nature music and nap. Click here for an 8-hour video of relaxing nature sounds. But don’t nap for 8 hours.

4. Make as many people as possible happy.

Send some friendly text messages, or even better – send some happy mail. Spread some love and Jesus around, and I promise you’ll feel like the day is not a total waste. Go buy a random present for your significant other, or send flowers to someone who could use some happy. Get crafty and create something special for someone. Make other people’s days, and yours will be better.

5. Pamper yourself. 

Put on the Michael Buble station on Pandora and relax in a tub of bath salts. Bonus points if you light some candles and have some chocolate handy. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure or both. Finally test out that new makeup or tanning lotion or nail polish. You’ll never regret a good round of pampering. It just makes you feel better.

Happy Monday loves!


P.S. Jack says hi.


The Awkwards.

1. I went to Old Navy this week in a hyper and gleeful mood, as I had a gift card and nothing to do for the day. Aisle after aisle, I filled my arms with clothes to try on. My fingers literally had hanger impressions in them from trying to fit so many items into one trying-on trip. (I adore you, Old Navy.) I finally made my way to the dressing room. In the middle of trying on some fabulously trendy shorts with little anchors on them, a girl yelled to (I assume) a friend of hers and asked if she wanted to try on something. She replied with a yes. All of the sudden, girl #1 threw a pair of white shorts under my dressing room door. I panicked and threw them back out. (In hindsight, yes, it occurs to me that I should have said something.) Alas, girl #1 must have already made it to her dressing room or left because I could still see the white shorts right outside my dressing room floor. Girl #2 said nothing. Curiously, I don’t think I ever heard words from them again. I find this odd…you would think girl #2 would have requested for the shorts again or girl #1 would have asked if they fit. I can only presume that they found each other, sans white shorts and nearly as awkward as I, and fled. A minute later, an Old Navy employee showed an angry lady with a crying child to a dressing room and kicked the shorts back under my door. This time, because I am queen of awkward, I held the shorts out with my hand under the door and said, “Um, these aren’t mine.” No one replied, and I hastily pulled them back in my room and remained silent with inner turmoil. I rapidly selected the clothes I wanted to purchase, gave the white shorts to the Old Navy lady as I left, and tried not to make eye contact with anyone until I was out of the store.

2. One morning I took Jack out back to do his business. The fences in our neighborhood are the chain-link kind, so there isn’t much privacy in the backyards. We have yet to schedule a meet and greet with Jack and our neighbors, who are frequently throwing parties in their backyard. They are very sweet and friendly; our dog is very terrified of anything or anyone he doesn’t know. Jack occasionally barks at the man who lives there because he’s tall and Jack doesn’t like men until they come up and pet him or throw his frisbee. This particular morning, the neighbors had just thrown a party of some sort the previous night. I thought they would be sleeping the day away, but instead they were all out chatting and chilling in their backyard when I took Jack outside to relieve himself. He proceeded to bark at them incessantly and he refused to pee, no matter how much I yanked on his leash to pull him to the opposite side of the yard. Even when he was on the side of the house where they were out of sight, he whined and looked up at me like I had betrayed him. I shamefully took him back inside after an awkward “sorry” to the neighbors and their guests, and then I glared at him for the next 7 hours.

3. Back in the days of elementary school, I began to play the flute in band. My grandparents were very excited about my new musical endeavors. I remember calling them with frenzied fervor when I achieved “first chair.” They didn’t answer, so I proceeded to leave a message. I was walking around in the kitchen of our old house, carrying the phone with one hand, and running my other hand along the counter in tween-age delight. I began my message on the answering machine…”I just wanted to let you guys know that I got first chair in…” Before I could finish my sentence I screamed a lengthy and bloodcurdling scream that sounded as if my arm had just been severed. As I had been sliding my right hand along the counter, I unknowingly skidded it across the hot electric stove, and in the middle of my happy message screamed at the top of my lungs. I dropped the phone and started wailing and running for the sink. My mom had to quickly make another call to leave a less terrifying message, alerting the grandparents that I was in fact not kidnapped or killed, but had simply touched the stove in a moment of inadvertent stupidity. (Now that I think about it, this event may have been the catalyst to my fear of talking on the phone.)


I have several more of these. We’ll save them for another day. Happy weekend. ;)



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