Little Joys

Little joys are…

…when a normally busy intersection is empty.

…when the song ends right as you put the car in park.

…when a friend texts you randomly on a day you’re feeling lonely.

…when you find hilarious old photos that make you smile.




…when you find an abundance of pins you love on Pinterest.


This tank from Etsy. Spot on.


I adore these mugs from Click and Blossom!


…when a new recipe you try is good enough to go in the monthly rotation. (Sorry I took a bite before taking a picture. Recipe coming soon!)

Garlic Panko Chicken

…when you turn down a Wal-Mart aisle and it’s empty.

…when something you forgot you ordered online comes in the mail.

…when the pup is extra sleepy. :)


…when God sends little reminders that He’s in control, and He is faithful.

Happy Thursday, loves! :)


Things You Should Know

How to walk like a human being in Wal-Mart.

I kid you not, I almost ran into 17 people yesterday in the span of my 10-minute trip to restock my Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. One couple even blocked the long hallway exit and trapped me as they had a 12-second conversation in front of me, completely aware of my trying to awkwardly weave my cart through to escape them. Unless you’re elderly or managing a legion of toddlers, you are probably being sarcastically tossed about in my brain if you won’t let me pass. Alas, I’m so afraid of confrontation that I will turn around and go down a different aisle all day long just to avoid having to be awkward. (I consider a trip to Wal-Mart a workout.)

Earthquakes are fun.

Alright, not everywhere, I’ll give you that. But in Oklahoma? They’re kinda fun. Plus, they probably mean the Lord is coming back soon, so cheer up people! ;)

Little Caesar’s is wonderful.

I’ve been chastised more than a few times for my bold Little Caesar’s love, but really…$5 for a hot cheese pizza with crispy crust? And $4 for Italian cheese bread that tastes like God himself gave them the recipe? It’s almost too good to be true. I know it may not be Hideaway pizza, but I’m so frugally obsessed that I don’t even care.

Autumn begins in September. 

Sweetheart, it’s 100 degrees outside. Put those fall boots away until you can at least feel a breeze.

Sleepless in Seattle is a triumphant story of a stalker. 

I didn’t realize this until recently, but just dwell on that for a good minute and a half and let me know if you agree with me.

Unless your selfie has a purpose, it doesn’t need to be seen.

If you have a dog posing with you, an outrageously gorgeous background, or if you’re going to some special dance, event, or your first day of school – by all means, post that selfie and embrace the likes and comments. If you’re bored at work or sitting in your car with a cup of coffee…just text it to your Mom. Don’t get me wrong. You’re all beautiful, but I promise we haven’t forgotten what you look like since yesterday’s selfie.

Eating healthy works faster than working out.

This is a sad realization for me, because I adore my pizza, my chocolate, my bread…carbs all around, really. I can tell a difference in the leanness of my abs after a week of protein and veggies WAY more than a week of ab workouts and running…not saying I plan to give up on either, but if I have a busy week with no time for workouts, it’s good to know chicken and cauliflower will see me through. ;)

This post is mostly sarcastic. 

Love you all. Promise. Even if you run over me in Wal-Mart wearing fall boots and posting a selfie. ;)


Happy Thoughts – August

I am dwelling on happy thoughts today and breathing in God’s blessings with a thankful heart. :)

Like this heavenly Italian cheese bread that delights my very soul. ;)


And this silly puppy who makes me laugh.


My family is finally home! And Mama’s birthday was finally celebrated. :)


I love family parties with these cuties. :)


We picked out a new bandana for handsome Jackers. He looks so noble.


At last, I’ve been reunited with pizza. ;)


And my favorite little sister. (And garlic knots.)


The head tilt is my favorite thing.


We celebrated Keaton’s 3rd birthday, and he showed off his superhero skills. :)


One of my favorite shoots ever happened, and just GUESS what kind of puppy they brought?! ;)


Meet my cute friends Carly and Ethan and their darling baby boy, Axel. :) You can see more from their shoot at the CaitPhoto Facebook page here.


I was inspired and took some new pictures of my baby boy. Haha.



Happy Monday, loves. :)