Obsessively Organized

I am one of those people…the people that have a thousand notebooks, adore school supplies, and are OCD about making to-do lists. I once made a list of lists I wanted to make…I kid you not. However annoying my love of organization may be to some, I’m certain some of you who read this will enjoy this post. :)

I give you…the Caitlin version of an organization notebook. Ahhh I just love it.

I bought a 1.5 inch binder at Wal-Mart for $2 and printed out a design I made in Photoshop on some cardstock. Love.

Another Photoshop design on cardstock…I may switch this out every couple months.

My dividers for now…they’re bound to change.

To Do Lists…tons of them. :) I might make some new ones that have a space for the date or month on them.

I like check lists. They make me feel like I get more done than I really do.

Those are the only things I’ve done to it so far…planning to add travel checklists, budgets, and things like restaurant numbers, crafts, insurance info, etc. :)

Yay. I feel more organized already. ;)




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