Busy Busy Busy

This past week flew by at an unreal speed, and I couldn’t even remember what we did until I looked at my calendar… I feel like that a lot lately. Clueless and half-asleep in between the overwhelming busy-ness that is my life. I need a vacation. Lol.

My mom and mom-in-law and I went to Dallas last Thursday and Friday. We shopped, ate terribly unhealthy food, and saw “The Help.” :) The movie was fantastic, but a definite tear-jerker. Saturday was Andrew’s & my first day we were both off work in….I can’t even remember how long. Haha. The day went way too fast, but we snuggled and watched movies for a few hours, followed by a dinner at Ted’s with our friends. :) I wish days like that happened more often. This summer has been the busiest of my life, and I miss having chill days with nothing to do. I’m still editing every day for hours upon hours trying to catch up on this summer’s weddings, and living on our own makes for more “busy work” than I thought it would. Laundry. I want to hire someone to do our laundry. Baha.

In other news…Andrew’s back to school, working two jobs, and trying not to be overwhelmed. And therefore, we’re planning a trip to Colorado Springs in October for Fall Break. :) Andrew’s never seen Garden of the Gods, and I can’t wait to road trip there with him. It looks like this…

Ahhh…I can hardly wait.

Still keeping up with my “organization notebook.” Haha. It’s helping a bit. :) I made a few more pages to fill it with.

I made two travel lists…because sometimes I like to write in specific things. Lol.

And the rest I filled with notebook paper.

My apologies for the length of this post. I really just wanted a small break from work and I was trying to make it last. ;)



One thought on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Oh Garden of the Gods will be fun!! Ive never been. I like your lists; I’m a list maker too. And I love planners…I look forward to getting a new one every year! Such a thrill everytime I write something in it! Man, I sound like such a dork…

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