Crafty Shmafty

This week has been full of crafts! Yay! :) I’m still swarmed with work and editing like crazy, but now every time I take my 15 or 20 minute break, I craft! Here’s a few things I’ve worked on this week…

Bought this table at Hobby Lobby’s clearance section for $16! It has a crack in the top, but I spray painted it and I’m using it for newborn photos tomorrow so the baby will be covering it.After some fabulous turquoise spray paint. :)

There’s the crack in the top, but I figure it will have stuff on top so you won’t see it if I keep it for office storage or something? Side note…that creepy little eye at the bottom left of the photo is a scarecrow I bought for fall decor. Hahaha. I am SO ready for fall. :D

Speaking of new seasons…I got a head start on Christmas crafting. I bought a thin wooden plaque for $.99 at Hobby Lobby…or Michael’s…I can’t remember which. I painted it & wrote Merry Christmas on the front with a silver paint pen. I drilled holes in the top corners and strung some Christmas-y ribbon through it to hang it on a doorknob or somewhere. I love cheap crafts. :) 
Forgot to take a picture of it before I painted it…it looked like this minus the ribbon.

Another project…not sure how this one will end up yet.
Straw wreath at Hobby Lobby – $3.47 – spray-painted it turquoise, and I’m going try to make it a mix of these two that I found on Pinterest…

Haven’t decided if I’ll make it for Christmas or not…maybe I’ll make two. I like the turquoise from the left and the flowers and house numbers on the right one. Suggestions? :)

I’ve also been painting some more this week. $1 5×7 frames from Dollar Tree…

Happy to cover this wall in the guest bathroom.  :)

Those are more pictures from our honeymoon in Cancun. Sigh. I miss that place so much.

Aaaand lastly….our picture wall in the office/2nd bedroom.

Finally finished…I think. Might add more, but at least all the frames are filled and it looks pretty complete. :)

Whew. Successful crafting week, yes? :) I’m excited for September & October because I’ll have a little more free time after I finish up editing weddings…and free time means cleaning and crafting and chilling. :)



2 thoughts on “Crafty Shmafty

  1. I’m excited about the $1 frames you got at the dollar store! I’ve been wanting to find some cheap frames to paint, but I hadn’t thought of looking there! Thanks and Happy September!

    JB @

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