Next On My List…

I can’t help looking forward and getting excited, especially when I think about getting one of these…

Because he’ll grow up to be one of these…

Sure, I plan on taking him to a waterfall to imitate this picture. :)

Sigh. Anyone seen Marley & Me? I was reluctant to watch it, but Andrew & I finally sat down & suffered through it a couple weeks ago. It holds the record for the most tears I’ve cried during any movie. I was literally having trouble breathing, and nearly used an entire tissue box. However, don’t avoid it to save yourself some tears, because it’s amazing. I love the story, I love the family, I love the dog. Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson did an incredible job, and the couple they played somewhat reminded me of Andrew & me…or at least what I want our family to become. They end up living in a beautiful out-in-the-country house with three kids (two boys, one girl like I want) and their first love – a rambunctious puppy dog. Jennifer Aniston’s character is a list-maker, an organized, step-by-step kind of wife with plans…which I loved, of course. It was a bit of a reality check to watch many of her plans fall through. Haha. It’s a hard movie to watch and you will cry (if you have a soul ;)), but it’s so good that I want to watch it again…when I have nowhere to be and I have time to cry all day long. :-p

I’m dog daydreaming this week. Wishing. Making plans. Getting Impatient. :)



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