Thrifty Tuesday

Today was pretty eventful, not at all how I planned it, but it was delightful nonetheless! :) I went to lunch with my bestie & because we’re impulsive shoppers, we hit up a couple thrift stores & her favorite place of all time – Ross. Haha.

We were excited about our finds!…and felt totally embarrassed a tad ridiculous walking out of a thrift store with handfuls.

This was my half of thrift store goodies – all for $8. Haha! Andrew & I have a VHS tv in our bedroom and I want to always have a VHS player…because I have hundreds (I kid you not) of VHS tapes. Lol. Thank you, thrift store, for selling them for a dollar. Kristi got some awesome $1 frames to paint, some pretty vases, and a cute basket.

And these are my new $16.99 boots from Ross. :)

LOVE them for fall. I need to have a garage sale or something so I can get some extra cash for fall shopping…too many pretty things are popping up at Target & Forever21. ;)

I started a pretty cute craft today! Well, it’s more of a gift, but it’s crafty I suppose. But I need to finish it and get more pictures…so check back in a day or two. :)

And here’s a crappy point-and-shoot picture of the hubs & me from tonight because we haven’t taken one in weeks, and that’s just not acceptable for a person who takes pictures for a living. ;) (Side note – Andrew hates the term hubs, but I think it’s probably the funniest word ever.)



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