Weekend at the Zoo

Anyone else feel like September is about to disappear? The month has gone by SO fast already, and I’m not sure I remember much of what’s occurred the past couple weeks. Haha.

This past weekend, Andrew & I had a fabulous Red Lobster dinner, followed by some fall shopping at the mall. I just have one thing to say…Forever 21. Glorious. :) Saturday, we slept in and went to the zoo in the afternoon! It was much hotter than my weather.com app said it was going to be, but I somehow made it through the day in skinny jeans and a long sleeve shirt. ;) (Side note – I’m ready for the real fall to kick in…I’m itching to wear scarves and boots.)

Disclaimer…I didn’t take my nice camera to the zoo, so all of these pictures are from my little point-and-shoot. Lol.

Before we left…pre-sweat, curls still in tact. ;)

This guy sat here in this position for probably 10 minutes. I think he was meditating.

These guys are my favorite.

I. Love. Bears.

Haha. He kept scratching his head.

Hubs is handsome.

The new elephant exhibit is awesome and looks like something straight out of China. Go see it if you haven’t yet.

Pretend my hair isn’t doing what it’s doing. ;)

The end. :)



2 thoughts on “Weekend at the Zoo

  1. Don’t you love the zoo?! I was hoping it would be cool saturday too…I’m ready for fall clothes! Didn’t you say Andrew didn’t like to be called hubs? haha, matt does like it either. or hubby. That’s ok though because I don’t let him call me “wifey”…sounds ridiculous. hahaha

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