Spray Paint Fetish

True story – I love my mom-in-law. I know the stereotype is to loathe & fear mother-in-laws. Everybody Loves Raymond is my favorite show. Haha. But I am one of the lucky few who has fabulous in-laws! Andrew & I both are incredibly blessed & grateful – our families get along splendidly & are basically BFFs. My mom-in-law is an interior decorator (comes in handy quite a bit) and shares my spray paint fetish. :) She helped me spray paint our baker’s rack and kitchen chairs – look how cute!

The chairs were a light oak color before…

And a buttery yellow after!

Have you noticed my two favorite colors are yellow & turquoise?

This was our baker’s rack before…

After! Looks so much better against our boring walls we can’t paint. Haha. ;)

More crafting to come this weekend hopefully…I have a rare (but glorious) free Saturday, so I’m going to clean & craft! :)


p.s. Today is my lovely best friend’s birthday! Go tell Kristi Cormack she rocks and that she’s getting old! ;) :)


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