Whew. This weekend was a fast one, but fantastic! Friday night, Andrew & I went to Pastor Hance & Julie’s house for a newlywed Sunday School class get together. We’ve only been going to the class for about a month now and we had our doubts at first because we’re the youngest in there probably, haha, but we’re really enjoying it now! Hance & Julie are the cutest people alive. I LOVE our church. :) Saturday night, we played football with my family and forced them to watch Marley & Me. Dad & Alyssa left before it was over because they’re pansies. Mom weeped and wailed. Andrew & I used more tissues. But I love that movie…I need a dog. :)

In other news…it’s finally getting closer to fall weather! Sort of…we’re still hitting 90 degrees this week, but hey…I’ll take it after 110 degree weather.

Here’s our cute new fall wreath mom-in-law did for us! I need to hang it a little lower with some ribbon. I think I’m going to hang this one on my office door…might add more flowers first. Can’t decide. :)

Saturday night was our first “date night” from the jar, but we tweaked it a little by playing football with my fam and watching Marley & Me instead of Invincible. Haha.  There’s football in Marley & Me too though!

This weekend’s date night choices will be some of my favorites, I can tell. Haha. :)

Here’s the makings of my next craft…it’s going to have to wait until Hobby Lobby’s Christmas stuff goes 50% off though. They’re torturing me with the 40% off. :-/ I’m going to wrap the cone (which was half off and only $4!) in Christmas lights and glue green fabric flowers on it for Christmas. :)




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