What I’m Loving Wednesday

My sweet friend Bekah was one of the first people I knew to start blogging (or at least one of the first I actually read haha), and she links up with Jamie at http://littledaisymay.blogspot.com for “What I’m Loving Wednesdays.” Reading all their entries just kind of puts me in a good mood, so I thought I’d link up today! :)

I’m loving… my new wreath that’s on my office door! It makes me smile! :) Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.

I’m loving… that fall is coming! Today’s going up to the 90s :-/ but it’s going down after that, and I’m ready to wear these boots!!

I’m loving… that I’m 22 days away from being here!!! :-D

Garden of the Gods…one of my very favorite places in Colorado. :)

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – where you can feed giraffes! Haha. :)

And Ouray, CO – where I’ve never been, but my family said it’s amazing. Apparently Ralph Lauren has a house there, so I guess it’s cool. Haha.

I’m loving… this guy right here. :) He’s such a hard worker and a super & hilarious husband. :)

*photo by BRC Photography*

I’m also LOVING that the weekend is just two days away…I’m ready for some chill time. :)



3 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Yay!! Love your wreath. So cute. It’s supposed to cool down next week but I don’t know if I believe it! Haha. I am totally jealous of you getting to go to Colorado…although I do live in CA. I’m hoping Dylan and I can go to Tahoe and go hiking soon!

  2. Bekah – if you go to Tahoe, I will be SUPER jealous. Hahaha. But you guys need to go to Garden of the Gods in CO if you haven’t been…it’s amazing!!

    And Jen – yes, it’s a straw wreath from Hobby Lobby (like $3.50) that I spray painted, and I made the fabric flowers & hot glued them on! :)

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