*Sigh.* There are three things I love more than most other things. Dogs. Dolphins. And horses. Haha. I took horseback-riding lessons growing up, and I think running on a horse is one of my top five favorite things to do. I wish I got to be around them more often. This morning, Andrew & I went with Mom & Worm (Worm is my little sister Alyssa’s nickname fyi…don’t ask me why; my Dad has a way with strange nicknames and everyone now calls her Worm). We ride at Lake Thunderbird stables in Norman. It’s gotten a tad pricey compared to what it used to be, but we like the people there, and they take good care of the horses.

Here’s hubs with his horse “Buzz.” Haha.

Worm & her horse “BlackJack.” He was pretty. And gigantic.

Mom & Casey.

My horse’s name was Dusty. He was kind of a midget. Haha. But I looove¬†Palominos. :)

He was apparently the new guy, and kept trying to run in front of the other horses, even though the guy told me to keep him in the back.

Palominos are such a pretty color. :)

I have two bucket lists in my head. One is reasonable; one is unreasonable. On my unreasonable one, “own a ranch with lots of horses (and goats and dogs and maybe a camel)” is a big one. On my reasonable bucket list is “make really good friends with someone with a horse ranch so I can have free access to ride horses whenever.” ;)



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