Random Mondays

I feel like I have a random conglomeration of things to share on Mondays every week. Nothing particularly relevant. I might make this kind of post a weekly thing. Random Mondays. :)

I miss this pup. Doesn’t it look like she’s praying? I occasionally go over to my parents’ house during the day to pick up something or drop off things, but really it’s all an excuse to chill with my dog and snuggle for a few minutes. Haha. I miss that quiiiite a lot.

Totally forgot I had this until last night. Andrew & I don’t drink coffee, so we haven’t really used any mugs… even though a ton of cute ones sit in the cabinet. I found this one and used it last night for my pink lemonade. Lol.

I scraped up all of my leftovers from fall stuff and put them all in a big bread bowl. I thought I’d put it on the coffee table or kitchen table as a centerpiece. Is it just me, or are mini pumpkins the cutest?

I know Thanksgiving isn’t really close yet, but I figured my fall print could go up already. :) This one’s in our guest bathroom. It makes me feel like it’s colder outside than it actually is. ;)



One thought on “Random Mondays

  1. Your pup picture is beyond precious! They just bring so much joy! And I’m so with you…I have some darling coffee mugs but I don’t drink coffee. I make hot chocolate in the winter, but I need to start using them for random things just so I can use them. :)

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