Keeping the Excitement

This week has been a blur! I’m relieved it’s gone by so fast, but I’m starting to feel like I haven’t accomplished as much as I should’ve. My computer glares at me every day with all the photos I have yet to edit. Haha. It literally never ends. I can’t remember the last time I had nothing to edit. While I LOVE my job and the flexibility that comes with it, I’ve been struggling to get excited about it lately because I’ve been so overwhelmed. This summer of TEN weddings left me completely exhausted. And. I’m. Still. Editing. Lol. Recently, however, I’ve come up with a bit of a solution. Promo shoots! I asked my friend Katie to be a model for me and bring along her super cute pups for a promo shoot this week – something different, something fun, and most importantly, something with no pressure. I’ve done these a couple times before, and it actually keeps me excited about my job. I try out a new location, or a totally new look and theme, and voila! I post some previews and get several new fans and comments (which is awesome & one of the main reasons I do promo shoots), but more importantly, I’m excited about my work! Don’t get me wrong – I love being a photographer, and I LOVE all my clients. I just think my inability to say no made me overbook this summer, and the fact that I’m still catching up depressed me. Haha. I’ve resolved to book less shoots and weddings all right in a row, and space things out so I have time to catch up. And every now and then, I might not book something just so I have a day to myself. That’s not so wrong, is it? Haha. ;) I’m going to start doing just a few promo shoots every couple months to keep things new and fun. It was nice to have no pressure and no deadlines. I had SO much fun with this shoot. Check out a few of my favorites. :)

Aren’t they just the cutest!?

This picture was kind of my idea I had in my head for the whole shoot…”A Girl & Her Dog.”

I. Love. This. Picture.

I love this one in black & white.

Definitely one of my very favorites.


Sigh. I feel like I just vented. Haha. I apologize for the long shpiel. But it felt nice to get it all out. :)



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