Baby Tigers

For you to fully understand my insanity in posting this many pictures of animals from my trip to the zoo, I have to explain a tad with this backstory. When I was 6ish years old (perhaps 7 or 8?) I was going to be a zookeeper. I had it all planned out on paper, from the layout of the zoo to the workers. My zoo was Caitlin’s Zoo, and my grandma was going to run the popsicle stand, my brother Brad was going to take care of the snakes, Mom and Dad could work with the elephants and giraffes, and I was going to swim with and train the dolphins and seals…and essentially care for/play with every other animal. It was going to be awesome. Some time later (age 12ish?) Brad & I discovered the computer game Zoo Tycoon. Goodbye homework and all productivity. I played it for hours, creating my perfect zoo. It was fabulous. Haha. I don’t know exactly how I went from wanting to be a zookeeper to becoming a photographer…probably because I loathe chemistry and knew I’d have to take that in college if I majored in zoology…also I met a cute boy named Andrew, and too-far-away OU was the only place that had a zoology major. Going to UCO was cheaper and more convenient at the time. My not-so-secret life goal to this day? To work at the zoo. I love it. I would go every day if I could. Maybe someday. :)

And now that you’ve seen into my crazy animal-loving brain…I give you baby tigers from yesterday’s trip to the zoo. :) And some other creatures.

This was the daddy…or at least we assume he was. He was pacing back and forth in the adjacent cage roaring. He either really missed his babies or really wanted to eat them. Haha.

This little guy almost fell off the log three or four times.

Sigh. I want to pick him up and snuggle him.

Look at those eyes!!

Sorry some of these are blurry. Focusing on rambunctious baby tigers through a fence is a challenge. ;)


And now the meerkats. 

I love the way this guy was sitting. Haha.

“I hate my life.” Lol.

Ooookay, this was unnerving. This little guy stayed by this meerkat (who appears dead, right?) foreveeeer. He wouldn’t leave. We were about to cry (alright not really, but we were sad) because we thought he was dead, and the other one wouldn’t leave his side! We waited there for 15 minutes till the “dead” one finally moved. Relief. Haha.

Doesn’t he look like he’s asking for help!?! Haha. 

And then he was depressed.

And others came to mourn.

He mourned from afar. Haha.

And this one didn’t care. Lol. Like I said…he lived. We were pretty freaked out for a couple minutes though. Haha.

Mom & Worm laughing at my jokes because I’m soooo funny. ;)

This is kinda how everyone looks when they’re talking to Alyssa. Hahaha. :-P
JK. I wuv her. :)

Clearly I’m used to being behind the camera, not in front.

If you don’t know my sister, this is her in a nutshell. Baha.

Whew. Props to you if you made it all the way through that post! ;) Happy Wednesday!




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