I Left My Heart in Colorado

Yep. It was glorious. I want to move there.

We set out at 7:30 AM Thursday morning and drove all day till we made it to Colorado Springs, CO. Friday morning, we met our families at my favorite place ever…Garden of the Gods. :)

For scrolling sake, I’ve conglomerated several pictures so you aren’t looking at this post for 12 hours. ;) These are all from Garden of the Gods. All of them are Andrew & me except the top middle, which is my rock climbing enthusiast Dad. :)

My husband is OH so handsome. :)

Andrew’s family, my family, and my brother Brad’s girlfriend Sherree. A good looking group, eh? ;)

Seriously. I want to pitch a tent under that rock and LIVE there. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but I’d love waking up to that view!)

This is a conglomeration from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – an AWESOME place that sits in the middle of the mountains and houses over 700 animals and lets you feed giraffes! Baha.

This pretty lion deserved her own picture.

I love moose…meese? Mooses? Someone tell me the correct plural form of moose, please.

After the zoo, we trekked to Helen Hunt Falls (I’m still not sure if they’re named after the actress…I kinda doubt it).

The hubs & me. This one might make it to a wall or frame…I love waterfalls.

Brad & Sherree. They’re totes the cutest. ;)

More falls, more mountains, a tunnel, and my little sister about to attack me….

Brad & Sherree, Mom & Dad, Andrew & me, and Dad & Worm being silly. :)

We drove 5 hours to Ouray, CO after the waterfalls & mountain exploring…and all fell asleep cuz it was super late. We woke up and realized we were in the middle of the mountains! Saturday morning we went down to the breakfast room and made a friend. Guess what my favorite part was?

Her name was Hannah. I wuv her.

The trees have turned to THE perfect yellow in Ouray, and I became obsessed with them.

My favorite view. Ever. It’s getting blown up and going on my wall.

More from Ouray…

Last one, near Box Canyon Falls. I kid you not, the skies looked like this. I didn’t even boost the color in Photoshop on this one. :)

After some time hiking and shopping in Ouray, we finished Saturday night at the True Grit Cafe, where they filmed the original True Grit movie. It was delicious. AND then we left and headed for home. :(

Andrew & I both felt kind of ridiculous, but the first day back in Oklahoma was awful. Haha. I suppose that’s how it is with almost any vacation, but it was even worse than when we got home from our honeymoon. I miss the mountains already, and we’re realllllly thinking about living in Colorado Springs. :) Loves. It.

If you made it this far, I apologize for the absurd amount of words & pictures. But that was our lovely Fall Break. :) What did you guys do over the break?



2 thoughts on “I Left My Heart in Colorado

  1. It was wonderful! And yeah, we kinda are!! Probably not for a couple years at least…or possibly several years, who knows. Haha. But we definitely want to end up there or end up having a house there. ;) Haha.

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