Insomnia & Insanity – Preparing for Christmas

First things first. It’s 11:30 at night, and I can’t sleep. Andrew’s asleep in the other room. He’s way tired; I think for the first time in our 5 months of living together, I heard him snore tonight! It was quiet and non-obnoxious, so we’re okay. ;) Baha. I’m trying to tire myself out in the office so I can get some rest. I already watched Homeward Bound (don’t get me started on the emotional connections I have with that movie), but I still can’t sleep.

SO I thought I’d blog. :) My first decision was to organize and store all my Hobby Lobby & Michael’s Christmas purchases from the past two days…but I really should share them with you guys first, right!? Of course. :)

Thank you, sweet, wonderful Hobby Lobby, for finally putting your Christmas stuff 50% off. I love you. 

We’re going to have a turquoise & silver themed Christmas in our decor, and I LOVE this cute little tree! I’m thinking of putting it on the coffee table, or maybe by our fireplace.

$2 Christmas-y photo storage box! Perfect for all the photos we take this season.

I bought a few of each of these – snowflakes and reindeer ornaments that I think are just the cutest. :)

This one is my stocking…

And this is Andrew’s.

And I realize this is ridiculous…but I bought these cuties. The golden retriever for Andrew (his favorite dog) and German shepherd for me of course. :) I don’t think we’ll put them on our tree necessarily, but I love them, and they’ll go somewhere and be super cute. :)

Wal-Mart had some really good deals and a cuter turquoise ornament color than I found at Hobby Lobby (I feel like I’m cheating on them when I say that…but it’s true.)

And I got this new pillow I’m extremely mildly obsessed with from Target!

These cute mini mugs were $1 at Michael’s! (*Insert absurd schpiel about the greatness of dollar aisles and my weakness when fallen prey to them*)

Dollar aisle sticker seals for Christmas cards…or maybe for CDs for my Christmas card clients.

Yes. Another dollar aisle find. Happy holiday socks!

And lastly, my sweet Mama bought me these! She knows I love me some reindeer around Christmas-time and brought these back from their day trip to Ft. Worth. :)

Whew. There’s most of my finds from this week…it still doesn’t compare to the giant trunk of stuff that’s laying all disheveled in my office right now, begging to be organized and put away. Haha. I’m still not tired…but I’m not awake enough to clean. ;)



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