This is what I’m daydreaming about today.

Moving into a house. A cute, little house. That doesn’t smell like our neighbors’ smoke and booze. (6 months till our lease is up…) God is teaching us patience. ;)

Also daydreaming about Christmas! Desperately trying to think of clever enough gifts for everyone…still have much shopping to do. How cute is this plaid Christmas table?? I’m trying to decide whether to do this rustic/flannel theme for our Christmas party or this next one…

Turquoise and bright colors & cookies theme…maybe do reindeer instead of gingerbread men though. Which do you guys like better??

I’m excited to start the Christmas countdown…I’m thinking of doing this clothespin craft, but instead of little gifts (or whatever those are…hard to tell lol), I’m going to make little cards that have a fun Christmas activity or date on them for us to do every day. I think that will be our new married tradition. :)

And I’m daydreaming of him, of course. My future German shepherd. Jack. Sigh. I’m picking up Alyssa from school today, and we’re going to go play with puppies at the pet store and humane society. We’re a tad ridiculous.

That’s all. :)



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