New Hobbies

I have some new hobbies. The first one is probably unhealthy, as it sometimes makes me feel as though I’m being tortured.

Hi. My name is Caitlin Boswell, and I’m addicted to playing with puppies. I frequent pet stores and animal shelters, and while I can’t buy any of these sweet, precious dogs due to our apartment restrictions, I play with them anyway. I think the workers are starting to recognize me. I’m going to have to go in next time with a hat and sunglasses. Too suspicious?

Alyssa & I went and played with these cuties yesterday – husky mix puppies!

I wuv them.

Are you aww-ing yet?

This guy was named Eugene, and he whined when we left the room, and jumped on us when we tried to stand up. Someone please go adopt him.

This little guy was a German shepherd mix (cue heartbreak) named Mickey. He’s adorable and loves to play tug-of-war.

All these sweet pups are available for adoption at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society on Western if any of you are looking for a dog! It’s an awesome organization, and the puppies are super cute!

Sigh. Glad I got that out.

My other new hobby is less unhealthy. Lol. I’ve become obsessed with making Christmas prints! Or any modern type prints for that matter. I’m going to put a lot of them up in cute silver frames around the holidays. They make me happy. :)


Aren’t they cheery!? I can’t wait to put them up. :) These all should be on my etsy shop ( if you guys want any for yourself!

I think that’s all the news for today. I don’t have motivation and I’m not getting much done today. :-/ I’ve been in a sleepy slump since that thunderquake! ;)

Anyone else have new ridiculous hobbies, healthy or unhealthy?




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