Another whirlwind weekend has come to an end! Here’s what happened.

Friday night, Andrew & I had the laziest night ever. We napped and watched movies and ate ice cream and just chilled. It. was. glorious. We both needed it desperately.

Saturday morning, I took my middle baby cousin Jordyn to go get nails done! It was her birthday present from July, but we’ve both been gone on vacations and so busy that we just now got around to getting it done. We had a blast and our nails looked lovely. ;)

She was super ticklish – and Mr. Nail Man thought it was hilaaaarious. Haha.

Saturday afternoon, Andrew & I headed up to Kickingbird Pets to creep because Dad-in-law mentioned seeing some German shepherd pups there. Haha.
Hello heartbreak. German shepherd mix puppies that were sleepy and precious.

Andrew made friends with the black shnauzer puppy. Haha.

Saturday night we went to my parents house to eat pancakes and watch Harry Potter. Yessss. :) And visit this pup, who was not pleased with all the dog scents we had on us.
Loves her.

In other news…it looks like Santa threw up in my office.

Baha. Mom-in-law is coming over this week to help me decorate. :)

That’s basically been our weekend. We had lunch with Andrew’s grandparents today, and this afternoon he’s been studying and I’m editing like a madwoman. Good news is I don’t have any shoots for the next week! :D Oh, whatever will I do with all this time!? :) And tomorrow is our 6-month anniversary! Yeah, seriously. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already. I love my hubs even more now!

Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving week! :)



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