6 Months of Awesome

Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary! :) I can’t believe how fast time flies. We’re counting down the next 6 months till we’re hopefully moving into a cute little house and heading to Disney World for a few days! :-D

We went to Longhorn for our celebratory dinner last night. Pause. If you have never been to Longhorn Steakhouse, stop reading this post and go right now. Come back after you’ve had their Renegade Sirloin and a house salad with ranch and extra croutons. Best. Thing. Ever. Okay, moving on.

Deliiiiiicious. My absolute favorite food in the world is this salad. Is that weird? Haha. Sooo good.

See? I didn’t even take a picture of the steak…probably because I ate it too fast because it was perfect. Hahaha.

He’s handsome. :)

It was fabulous. We came home, put lots of blankets and pillows on the floor and watched While You Were Sleeping. :)

And this morning, I woke up to these everywhere around the house…

He’s a keeper. ;)

Sorry for the cheese. Had to brag on him. Next post will be about crafting or decorating or something un-sappy! ;)



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