O Christmas Tree

I love real Christmas trees. I was determined to have one for our first married Christmas  because my family has always had real trees, and some of my favorite memories are from our adventures getting them every year. Everyone runs around excitedly looking at a billion different trees until we all agree on one to bring home. Mom always chose the best, Brad was only concerned with the tree’s symmetry, Alyssa hated every one she didn’t choose, and Dad couldn’t wait to get home and have some coffee. (It’s almost like choosing a pet…that we throw away in a couple weeks…) And then we’d turn on Christmas music or a Christmas movie and decorate it to perfection. Turn on the fire, sit back and admire our handiwork. Sounds perfect, right? Maybe I’m exaggerating a tad.

Last night, Andrew & I ran to Wal-Mart. No trees. No white lights. We went to Ace Hardware. No trees. We took a break for a Pizza Hut dinner. We drove to Target to get lights. We went to Under the Sun…$60 trees. No, thank you. We decided not to drive all the way to the gas station on Memorial that had trees. We finally ended up at Lowe’s outside in 28 degree weather and ran around the lot to find the perfect tree. And we did. We took home a 5 foot $26 Douglas Fir. And it was beautiful. Then we realized we’d bought the wrong Christmas lights. We ran to Mom’s, but she couldn’t find the kind we needed. We ended up at Walgreens, bought the correct kind, and headed home again to make the tree perrrrfect. I couldn’t find the ornament hooks. I lost the remote for my camera. The tree needed to be trimmed some more. After about two hours of all this nonsense, we finally ended up with this. :)

Yes, yes, quite a beaut, eh?

And even though we were freezing and running around for three hours and ready to go to sleep, it will definitely go down in the “perfect” Christmas tree memories. ;)

If you’d like to watch us decorating the tree super fast…go here. :)



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