Bucket List

My baby sister was talking about her bucket list this week. Yes, baby 13-year old Alyssa has a bucket list! I think all that’s on hers right now is “swim with whales” though. Lol. I think making these lists is becoming a new trend. I’ve seen lots of new bucket list “wishes” on Pinterest lately, and it made me go track down my list I made years ago. It was before the movie “Bucket List” came out, so I titled it “My List of Things to Do Before I Die.” Cheery. Haha. I can’t remember how old I was when I wrote this…probably 17ish? Hence the absurd teenage feel of #10 and #11. Haha. (Andrew was both of those – don’t worry.) Most of the things on this list though are things I’d still like to do. I’ll now be accepting donations for all my world travels. ;)

 Out of all 50, I’ve checked off 13. I’d like to get to 15 soon…mostly because 13 is a gross number. Haha. I guess I could check off #43 “Be a photographer.” Don’t know why I haven’t yet. And I’m pretty sure I rode in a limo in elementary school (#41) but I don’t remember much at all, so I want to go again where I can actually have a real memory. Haha. And I just realized “Go on a cruise” is on there twice…so I’ve got to add another. Suggestions? Lol.

Number 1 & 2 on my bucket list – tied for the best day of my life. :)

Tell me fun things on your bucket lists! :)



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