Twas the Night Before Christmas – A Tale of Three Siblings

I was looking through old pictures the other night at my parents’ house and came across some hilariously embarrassing awesome photos of myself and my siblings…and I just have to share some of them. Consider this my Christmas gift to you wonderful people who read my blog. ;) :) Merry Christmas Eve!

Twas the night before Christmas, when Cait had a plan…
To show the world funny pics of her lovable fam.The fat one was looking so chubs and forlornSo the dog decided to stay with her til’ morn.The cute one was born with hair blonde and fair,

And made sure that his sister always knew he was there.Cait began baking and smirking so youngAnd her love for animals had only just begunThe billy goats loved her, but chased after the other.But on Christmas Bradford was still the best brother.They climbed trees and hiked mountains, they had adventures so grandThey made faces that made Mom put her face in her hand.The family posed pretty for pictures of four

Til’ God smited blessed them with one child more

The three grew up quickly, and became the best of friends

And today say, “Merry Christmas to all! This is the end!”



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