Because I Can’t Eat That…

The woes of dieting…they are consuming me, and it’s only day 4. I’m typing this blog post solely to avoid the urge of running to my kitchen to stand in front of my fridge and search for something mildly appetizing. I miss my Reese’s and my pizza and my french fries. Anyone else having withdrawals?

My recent struggles have made me curious to know your hardest New Year’s resolutions! Tell me tell me tell me!

And in other news…here’s what’s going on according to my cell phone pictures from the last week. Popcorn chicken is back at Sonic! *angels sing* *heavens rejoice* *Caitlin shouts for joy* It may not be the healthiest thing…but if I only eat that for lunch? I could pass it off as acceptable.

I got this beauty for half price at Petsmart. :)

Here’s one of my Christmas presents from my best friend Kristi. Doesn’t my calendar look OH so cute inside of it!? Loves loves loves.

I got another cute calendar (I own like 4 now…I’m in love with all of them haha) from my super precious grandma, and was thrilled to see what picture this month was. ;)

Bought this little gem yesterday at TJ Maxx. I’m already planning all new colors/ideas for when we move in a few months…:)

And last but not least…If you don’t have access to a dog that loves to snuggle, I pity you, and implore you to go buy one. This sweet pup is my therapist.

Have a fabulous evening my loves! :)



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