A Year of Memories

A few months ago, I saw a picture on pinterest (shocker) of a jar that had tiny, folded papers squished inside it and suggested the idea of writing down random memories throughout the year and reading them New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Although I found it in October with only a few months to New Year’s, I still decided it would be fun to try.

Here’s the picture from Pinterest. I don’t have a picture of ours because we just emptied it and started on 2012 memories.

To my great surprise, I enjoyed this little project even more than I thought I would! It was nice to have an actual record of small, daily things without having to journal every day. I haven’t had time to journal, so it’s a nice alternative that takes me only a minute to write down. Most memories were funny ones, but some were just things I wanted to remember. Andrew & I read them New Year’s Day and got quite a kick out of them…especially the ones we’d already forgotten. I’m excited to do more for 2012. We might need more than one jar though. This year, I’m going to try to remember to put the date on all of them.

Here’s a few of my favorites from this year. Sorry they’re so poorly written – they’re usually written in a hurry. :)

Happy Wednesday! :)



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