Confessions of a Food-Crazed Bride

Alright. I’m guessing this is pretty common, but I’d like to make sure.

Once upon a time, there was an average-sized 21-year old girl who was engaged to be married to a handsome blonde 22-year old boy. Nearly days after their engagement, she started to work out and eat better. Engagement pictures were coming and wedding dress appointments could not happen if she was not skinnier! She lost several pounds. And rejoiced. Several months later, she was still working out and eating healthy. No more ice cream or chocolate for this young maiden – her meals consisted of triscuits and cheese and carrots and the like. She refused Ted’s, and shook her head to offers of Coldstone, and though her mind and heart were deeply saddened by the lack of these delicious foods, her tummy got smaller, and her body got stronger! She lost nearly 15 pounds by the time her wedding day came! She was ever so thrilled, and enjoyed fitting in her wedding dress without dying. ;)

She honeymooned in Cancun with her husband, and was taken back by the excessive amount of free food! The newlyweds dined five three times a day, and were delighted to discover that room service was also free….24 hours a day!! So the two of them ate…and ate…and ate. When they returned to their home and started their new life together, the young bride tried to make some healthy meals. And she did. But then, a great curse fell upon her and she uncontrollably started eating every food she had missed while she was preparing for her wedding. She grabbed two candy bars at the checkout line, and drank chocolate milk like it was water. She went to Coldstone and Ted’s and McDonald’s – oh my! And the small body she once had started to grow. There was no turning back…at least, not until 7 months after her wedding.

Sound familiar to any married ladies? Haha. Confession: I’ve gained back TEN pounds since we got married. :( It’s horrifying. But obviously with New Year and just a general utter disgust with myself lately, I’ve resolved to get back in shape before summer. Target has swimsuits out already…and it’s time. I’m going back to being smaller and healthier. I’ve done several workouts already this month, but I had a super awesome really long workout yesterday and I. loved. it. I’m hoping for tons more like it, and so far – I’m ice cream free this week. ;) Time to get fit.

I made this in photoshop to hang on my wall in my office. Or in every room for a reminder. Haha.

Now. Please for the love of all things tell me I’m not the only one who’s gained that much weight after their wedding…and someone give me hope and tell me you got back down to pre-wedding shape months after you got married?


A Food-Crazed Bride ;)


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