What I’m Loving Wednesday

I’m loving…

Free time! As much as I’m a non-winter person, I have to admit I’m enjoying the free time it’s brought me! I have been going to my 2nd job every day lately, but because I haven’t scheduled any photo shoots till February, I’ve had so much more free time in the afternoon/evening. I’ve gotten to work out almost every day for an hour and catch up on laundry and cleaning! I’m ready for spring weather and photo shoots to start back up, but I will miss not having to work at home!

Planning. Always have been, always will be a planner. I have four calendars in my home right now and two planners I use frequently. I also use my iPad’s calendar, and I make To Do lists and schedules nearly every. single. day. I bring my notebooks & planners to work with me and when I get a break, I can plan! :) Currently, I’m planning for Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Andrew’s birthday, our 1-year anniversary (DISNEYWORLD I’M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED), & planning for when we move in a few months! :D

Pinterest. I love Pinterest every day of the week. Recent favorites…

Working Out. I have LOVED the past few workouts, and I’m getting excited for looser-fitting clothes and the opportunity to buy new clothes! Haha. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. I’m going to try to eat really well & get down a few pounds by my birthday…because I will be eating cookie cake for my birthday. And maybe Coldstone.

My Familia! Andrew has class on Tuesday nights, so last night I went over to visit my family and have Mom’s super delicious parmasean chicken. Yum. Brad wound up coming over, and I watched as he, Mom, & Dad tried to put together the new TV stand for Dad’s new TV. Hysterical. Worm & I laughed and watched YouTube videos while they worked. ;)

My Best Friend. Lord knows this girl was meant to be my best friend. If I need a laugh or a prayer warrior, I don’t even have to ask. She completes me. Haha. :) I’m so thankful for such a Godly woman in my life!

Andrew. Seriously. This man works harder than anybody. He is constantly at work or at school or studying, and when he’s not doing those things, he’s busy being the best husband of all time! :)

And he makes awesome serious faces. ;)

Happy Wednesday!! Only two more days till the weekend!! :D



2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Planning is one of the simple joys in life. lol Doesn’t matter what, planning anything. And, that picture from your pinterest of the golden getting sleepy! haha So cute.

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