Wonderful Week

MONDAY: Worked all day and went food shopping. Therefore, no exciting pictures.

TUESDAY: Went to breakfast with Bradford! Then worked.

WEDNESDAY: Worked. No exciting pictures. :-P

THURSDAY: Worked. Worked out with my best friend that night, and we cooked chicken pot pie to reward ourselves. ;) BUT it’s Mom’s chicken pot pie, so it’s not super unhealthy…but still super delicious.

Hahaha. I wuv her.

FRIDAY: For the first time in weeks, I didn’t have to go to work! And thank the good Lord Jesus, Andrew didn’t have to work either! Andrew had waffles for breakfast; I had bacon. We ran some errands, went to Longhorn for lunch (I never take pictures there…I guess because I’m so enthralled by the utter deliciousness of my food! ;) Haha), and then I dropped Andrew off at Barnes & Noble (that boy loves that place), and I went to Plato’s. I sold a few old purses for $10, and these shirts were $7 altogether so I left with $3 and two shirts! :) I’ve never been overly excited about thrifting for clothes…but Plato’s at least has really good brands, so I feel less gross. ;)

ALSO on Friday…got this sweet thank you note and gift card to Pinkitzel from some of my sweetest and best clients ever, Katie & Matt! Katie is precious – go check out her blog. :) Their note made my day!

AND ALSO on Friday, we had dinner with my in-laws and watched home videos. Soooo cute. My Andrew was the cutest little blonde boy ever…still is. ;) And Mom-in-law bought me this super cute wallet. :)

And today, I have already done my workout, gone to the bank, and cleaned the house a bit. So I’m going to go put in an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and maybe take a nap till Andrew gets home from work. :) I think we’re going to my parents’ house tonight to watch a movie with Worm and the dog. :) Happy weekend!!



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