5 Pounds in a Week!

I’ve always been a food lover. When I was not even 2 years old, my family had this “game” where they would ask “Who loves ice cream?” and I would yell “I do!” I kid you not. I was the world’s most unbelievable chubs, even as a baby. See for yourself. (And know that this picture doesn’t even do it justice. Haha.)

They called me “The Michelin Man” for a while because of my rolls.

I’ve also always been a very determined, independent, and competitive person…which is one of those gift/curses. After coming to terms with the fact that I’d gained nearly 15 pounds in the 8 months after my wedding, I was determined to get back to a weight I didn’t shriek at when I saw it on the scale. I almost wish someone had said a few months back, “You can’t lose that weight,” because I’m also one of those people who likes to prove people wrong…that one’s definitely just a curse. Haha. I’m not sure what set off my recent vehemence toward dieting, but thank goodness something did!

I’ve heard so, so many people say they just can’t lose weight. I think it’s possible for everyone (without serious medical issues) – you just have to be willing to be utterly miserable for a while give up a lot of things. My diet the past 7 days has been no sugar, low carb, and lots of veggies & protein. I poured out the remaining chocolate milk I had in my fridge, stayed away from the Klondike bars in my freezer, and bought a huge supply of cheese and chicken. I stopped getting cherry cokes from sonic and eating chocolates at the office (insert giant sad face) and bought some low carb Fuze drinks. Luckily, I really love chicken, so I could eat that for several days in a row and not get bored. I had already been working out pretty frequently, but I started running/walking on the treadmill and using the stationary bike at the gym at our apartment. I didn’t get to work out every single day, but I tried hard to do it most days…or at least do some ab workouts and weights and even jumping jacks if I couldn’t do a full workout. AND in 7 days, I’ve lost 5 pounds! Yay!!! :D :D :D

Now. I have to admit to you that it’s been fairly awful. I’m very much obsessed with sweets – chocolate is my addiction, and it was very hard to let it go. Letting go of pizza and french fries was almost just as hard. For the first three days, food was literally all I was thinking about. Pathetic, right? But once I got past the first 4 or 5 days, it got easier to turn things down. The weight going down on the scale is a huge helper. I will say that stopping sugar & going low carb for a few days helps me lose weight so much quicker than just exercising a lot and still eating poorly.

I also have to admit that I love rewards. I know people say, “you shouldn’t reward yourself; you’re not a dog.” BUT I am reward-driven. It gives me a sense of determination (and makes it seem worth it) to get to my next goal/treat. (Side note: Brad & I once sold 24 boxes of chocolate to win Frontier City/White Water Bay passes at school because we wanted that reward so bad…yeah, definitely reward-driven.) After I lost 3 pounds, I had one chocolate chip cookie in place of my breakfast. And it was glorious. Now that I’ve lost 5, I’m going to get a small ice cream for dinner when my friend Mikaela and I go hang out tomorrow. When I’ve lost 10 pounds (hopefully by my birthday in a month) I’m going to eat cookie cake. Lots of cookie cake. :) My total goal is 15 pounds, and if I get down there before summer, I’ll weigh one pound less than what I did on my wedding day, and that’ll be better than good enough for me. This time around, however, I’m going to try harder to make the “rewards” occasional treats, and not every day treats like I have in the past. Eating healthy is something I’d like to do daily once I get down to a certain weight – not necessarily a hard core diet like the past week, but just generally more good stuff and less bad stuff.

Anyone else have success stories to encourage me?? Haha. :) If you want to know exactly what I’ve eaten the past week, just ask – I have it all written down. Lol.

Happy Thursday! :D



5 thoughts on “5 Pounds in a Week!

  1. you go girl!! I am in the panic mode of pre-wedding day weight loss, trying to not pressure myself too much, but still very determined to get rid of my “freshman five, sophomore six and junior/senior seven”, if you will. I’ve been juicing a ton and not only do I have WAY more energy, I’m slowly losing inches/lbs. I’m going to take your advice however and try not to treat myself with a reward daily (otherwise I just get carried away and eat one too many moo bars). I’ll pray for you if you pray for me ;-).

  2. Haha I SO know what you mean – I was in that panic mode too before my wedding! That’s awesome – you’ll feel great on your wedding day! I definitely think the no treats for a week or two or three works, and after you get down to a certain goal, you can start adding in more treats, and if you’re still working out, it won’t affect you as much. Sugar is sneaky until you freeze it out for a couple weeks. Haha. I SO appreciate the prayers and will be praying for you as well!! :) So excited for you and your big day coming up!! :-D

  3. Caitlin,
    It’s definitely a lifestyle change and it is a daily choice you have to make to eat healthier. I am very proud of you! But I got an idea from Pinterest that you might like since you’re reward-driven. You have a jar or some kind of container and each time you complete a workout, run, or whatever you drop a dollar into the jar. You decide what the goal will be, $50, $100, or whatever. When you do get your goal, buy something special for yourself…new pair of jeans, bathing suit, massage/spa day, etc. :D. I have yet to do hat but I need to start it soon!!

  4. Lisa – Thank you so much for the encouragement, I really appreciate it!! :) I saw that on Pinterest recently, and LOVE that idea!! I rarely carry cash haha, but I’m going to do a jar of marbles or something and when it gets to a certain number or is full, I’ll go get a massage! :-D

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