Color Palettes

Hello loves! Since Andrew & I will be moving in the next few months, I’ve been brainstorming some new color options for our house lately. I love all of our colors we currently have, and I’m still going to use most/all of them when we move, but hopefully we’ll get to change things around just a little bit.

I found these next two color palette inspirations on Pinterest, and I LOVE them!

I’m hoping to use the first one for our bedroom inspiration when we move, and the second I’d like to use for our living room. I suppose it depends on the type of house we get, but these are my rough plans. ;) [Side note…if anyone comes across a nice 2-3 bed/2 bath pet-friendly house for rent in the next two months, PLEASE let me know! :) Thanks!]

I started making some of my own color palettes and got a little carried away…:) Obviously, I don’t plan on using all of these, but they were so fun and easy to make! I like the idea of taking colors from an actual picture I love and using it as room inspiration. It makes me feel like I could have these views every day!

Which colors do you like best? I’d love to make more color palettes – if any of you want to send me your inspiration pictures, I’ll make some for you! Happy weekend! :)



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