Valentine’s Day Part II – The World’s Greatest Husband

Ladies and gentlemen…I have the best.

If you read Tuesday’s post, you saw that my fabulous husband took me to IHOP for a champion’s breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon ;) and got me beautiful red roses. :) Andrew had a test that night, so he said we’d celebrate Wednesday night. I thought this meant we’d be going out to dinner, maybe a movie, or something like that. After work yesterday, Mom stalled taking me home and claimed she had to take something to my Grandma’s house quickly before she could drop me off. On the way, she pulled into a plaza where my favorite massage place is, and told me she lied, and Andrew had arranged for me to get a massage. :-D After my fabulous hour-long massage (it.was.glorious.), Mom dropped me off at home, where I was greeted by a handsome, well-dressed man who opened the door to a trail of rose petals on our floor. ;) They led to a cutely-decorated table that had brisket, green beans, a Longhorn salad (HOORAY), and…wait for it…a REESE’S. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Check out his handiwork.

(Ignore the Fresca on the couch, I’d just gone food shopping. Haha.)

Stud. Muffin.

Mom-in-law’s brisket. Deliiiiish. 

I could eat this salad every day for the rest of my life. 

Hello old friend. :) (I AM still going strong on my diet…this was a special occasion, and I still lost .2 pounds even with this treat! Hooray!)

Mom-in-law came over to help him make everything look so cute. :)

Silly boy loves his Star Wars. ;-P I had to get him a few little things. 

Our new favorite show…love it.

He did well. :) It was much more than I expected to get now that we’re married and he doesn’t have to be impressive anymore. ;)

End of bragging. Kudos to whoever made it this far. :) Happy Thursday!



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