Psalm 62:8

“Trust in Him at all times, O people. Pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge.” -Psalm 62:8-

I don’t have too much to say after this week, except that God is faithful. It’s been long. It’s been really hard. But I trust Him, and I know His thoughts and plans are greater than mine. Psalm 62:8 has always been one of my favorite verses…my life verse probably. It’s been going off in my head a lot lately. I think David wrote it knowing how hard it is to trust God at all times, and that’s why he added the “pour out your hearts to Him” section. God knows it’s not always easy, but what a relief to know He’s available 24/7 to talk to, to vent and pray to when all else fails. I too often find myself coming to Him when I’ve already gone everywhere else for comfort…family, friends, food. Ha. Who better to comfort than the One who created and planned everything? God is our refuge.

Please continue to pray for my sweet Mimi and all of my family. She is doing great and is surrounded by wonderful people, and I’ve never seen a clearer testimony of love and faithfulness to the Lord. She hugged me tight and told me, “I’m going in the strength of the Lord.” What a beautiful example she is. Please also continue to pray for my Dad, who I’m fairly certain is the world’s strongest man. Lol. I value him and his love for the Lord more than ever. My family is my greatest blessing.

And to be a tad more cheery and less mushy, enjoy these pictures from the past week that make me smile. :)

More to come about this soon…my “2011 Yearbook” came in last week.

I love few people more than I love this dog. We snuggled at Mom’s house a bunch this week. She completes me.

One of the few bright spots of New Jersey is a restaurant called Friendly’s that understands and supports my Reese’s obsession. 

Loved getting to be with these six people this weekend. They are SO funny. :)

Andrew & I took Lexi out for a walk AND a car ride yesterday, because she is our favorite. Haha. I wish I had a picture of Andrew, but the only one I have I’m forbidden to post because he’s been sick the past few days. Haha. I believe we’re getting Red Lobster to go tonight to celebrate his being healed. Lol. :)

Love you all. Thank you so much for the prayers, the texts, the notes – I appreciate it all so much, and I’m so grateful for the wonderful people God has surrounded me with. Have a happy Monday! :)


P.S. I’ll announce the winner from the random 10 pound giveaway tomorrow!! Sorry for the delay!


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