Leaving On a Jet Plane…Er, In an SUV

We’re off to Dallas today with our families for a weekend getaway. Alyssa has a spelling bee to conquer, and the rest of us have food and shopping to conquer. ;)

How about another round of countdowns since I don’t have much time to post before we hit the road?? I think this is the first time in my life I’ve not packed and planned ahead of time. *Ashamed.* On to countdowns!

6 days till my birthday! Guys. I’m going to have a chocolate chip pancake for breakfast, get massages and lunch with my best friend Kristi Belle, and then Andrew and I will be heading somewhere delicious for dinner. I haven’t decided yet. Suggestions? :) I know it’s sad my birthday revolves around food…but I think it’s acceptable considering the past two months. Haha. The Saturday after my bday Andrew & I are going to the zoo, and we’re having a family party that night at Mom & Dad’s with pizza and cookie cake. :-D

44 days till Andrew’s birthday! Still can’t tell you what I’m planning for him yet, but I’ll post pictures after his big day. :)

53 days till our lease is up and we are IN A NEW HOUSE! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. We are praying God provides the perfect place – we’ll be house hunting the next few weeks, and can’t wait to see where we’ll live!

57 days till Andrew is on summer break. This one makes me uber happy too. My man works hard, and he deserves a vaca from school. And I’m planning lots of fun summer activities already. :) Side note…who has a boat we can borrow!? ;)

73 days till our 1-year anniversary trip to Disney World!!! Halleflippinlujah. This vaca cannot come fast enough!

Happy Friday loves! Have a fabulous weekend. :)



2 thoughts on “Leaving On a Jet Plane…Er, In an SUV

  1. Your posts make me feel like I am having a conversation with you because I read them with the excitement you would have in your voice if this was in person! HAHAHA! 6 DAYYYYYYYS! And there is a surprise you don’t know about!!! get excited!!!!!

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