Weekend in Dallas

What a whirlwind weekend we had. (Say that 5 times fast) Where shall I begin?

Friday was made fabulous by my Mama bringing me this card with a Braum’s gift card inside it. :) I want to squish that fluffy baby and snuggle him. (I know he’s wearing a pink bandana…but the back of the card called him Thomas and therefore, I assume he’s a boy.)

Words cannot express how dearly I love this man. Look at that face of pure joy. :) He got his Potbelly’s.

Fountains down the street from our hotel in Dallas. :)

The spellmaster.

The Mamas.

And the Papas.

The hubs looking extra full…

Because he consumed it before I got a chance to take a picture.

The breakfast of champions. Via The Original Pancake House. Dare I tell you they were better than IHOP’s?

IKEA. How I’d longed to browse your modern rooms of bright and affordable goodness. It did me well to see you. ;)

A couple of my IKEA finds…more to come soon. And oh, you spot that handsome man holding me in the picture in the background? That’s for our new house. The one we’ll be living in within the next TWO MONTHS. :D

Happy Monday. :)



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