When I Am Old and Gray…Or 22.

When I am old and gray
And my time begins to wane,
I’ll think of birthdays come and gone
And I’ll think of yesterday.

I’ll remember turning 22
And feeling oh so old.
But I’ll remember times that made me smile,
And I’ll have my stories told.

The night before my birthday,
My husband gave me this.
I shrieked and squealed, and read all night
And I thanked him with a kiss.

In the morning came a present
That was hanging on my door.
A funny, punny Mother had sent me
A “ped-egg-cure.”

And then my dear sweet family
Had decorated the car a while
When I saw the back said “Team Peeta!”
I had to give a smile.

Sweet hubs surprised me very well
With a sailing trip for two!
He knows my love for all things nautical
And for adventure too.

My best friend is truly awesome
And on massage tables we lay,
When we found out she had a man masseuse
I laughed for the entire day. (Seriously.)

She took me out to lunch
At a place I long had missed.
And then Dad-in-law surprised me
And gave me all of this!

And next, we painted pottery!
And hit up Sonic on the way,
And before I knew it, I was playing with puppies
What a magnificent birthday!

Hubs took me to Olive Garden
I took no pictures though
All I was thinking about at the time
Was where those 5 breadsticks would go

And then we visited family
To complete my lovely day!
And then at home I slipped into comfy clothes
And finished reading Mockingjay!

Thank you, friends and family,
For your creativity galore!
I feel so blessed and happy.
You all are so adored. :)



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