Why I Believe in God and Facebook

Guys. I know I’ve been MIA this past week. It’s because I have super great news. It’s REALLY, REALLY great news, and I’ve been dying to blog about it, but wanted to wait until it was official. No. I am not pregnant. (Side note – go ahead and stop sending that question my way for another 5 years. You know who you are, people. :-p Not gonna happen any time soon. Haha.)


Story time. Two weeks ago, we had a house in mind that we were thinking would probably win the race. It wasn’t our favorite, but it was affordable and in a good area. We knew we’d be a little cramped and have lots to do to it, but we never really got that excited feeling about it, and that was making me sad. In a last-minute, desperate attempt (and by last minute, I mean last month), I posted a status on Facebook to ask the world if they knew of any cute houses for rent…just in case. One of the sweetest ladies from my church that I feel like I’ve known forever answered and gave us info for her sister’s house – a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in Edmond, a minute away from us now, that has a super cute front porch and adorable backyard. :-D Enter the first squeal of delight. We met up with her sister at the house and twirled about in every room getting more and more excited. The kitchen nailed the decision for me. A long row of cream-colored cabinets and an island with shiny countertops. Tons of storage. Winning. Enter the second squeal of delight. The rent would be at the top of our price range, but not above it. AND the sweet parents of the lady who owned the house are giving us their washer and dryer. Enter the third GIANT SQUEAL OF DELIGHT. God is so good.

Want to see a picture? Oh, good. I thought you’d never ask. ;)

And if that doesn’t convince you that there is a God, go to the Great American Cookie’s store in the mall right now, and get a slice of cookie cake. Andrew brought me home some this weekend, and I thanked God again for his goodness. ;)

I can’t wait to get moved in and take more pictures to show you all! I’m anxious to start packing my boxes already. I promise there will be many a post to come with house updates and new projects. And somewhere down the road later this fall…I will finally be able to get my puppy. :)



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