Friday Letters

I’m linking up for the first time for Friday Letters because I think it is so darn clever, and I love a good mini letter!

Dear Friday, I am so glad you’re here. I am going to enjoy every bit of you and see Hunger Games (for the 4th time) this afternoon with Hubs and perhaps feast on popcorn chicken from Sonic afterward. :)

Dear Husband, I love you. Thank you for taking out the trash and for helping me with laundry. I hate laundry. I can’t wait to move into our new house and drive you crazy with my decorating ideas. You’re super good-looking, and I think we should go on a date sometime. I feel really warm when I’m around you, and my tongue swells up (NAME THAT MOVIE). I like this picture of you because you’re making a manly face while holding my floral shoes. Also…thank you for not judging me when I eat cookie cake.

Dear Cookie Cake, I love you. To infinity and beyond. I’m so glad I chose you for lunch.

Dear Wormy, I hope you do fabulously in your tennis tournament tomorrow. Andrew & I are excessively thrilled to show you the final Harry Potter film tomorrow night. Get excited. Please make something delicious for us to snack on while we watch. ;)

Dear Mama, Thank you for answering my outfit picture texts and giving me your wise opinions when I ask ridiculous questions. You’re my fave.

Dear Future Dog, Loves you. I’m so ready to get you so I will have a walking buddy any time I want and a snuggler at my beckon call 24 hours a day.

Dear Jesus, Thank you. So. Very. Much. I am completely in love with you and so grateful for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for facing the cross so I could be with you forever. You basically rock.

Dear Blog Readers, You make me smile and feel mildly significant. I wish you all a fabulous Good Friday, and may the cookie cake be ever in your stomach. (That’s my new twist on the Hunger Games slogan. Catchy, right?!)

:) :)



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