Easter Weekend 2012

We’ve had a fabulous past few days and had a wonderful Easter yesterday! I have lots of pictures for you…Let’s start with last week. At IHOP.

I feasted on the most delicious pancakes ever with this handsome dude.

Be still my heart.

$1 Jewelry & More. If you haven’t been there yet, I encourage you to go right this minute and finish reading this blog post after you’ve been there. I got these lovelies all for $6.50. Yes. You read that right.

It’s been looking a lot like this lately…and while I am the biggest fan of rainy days and clouds, I’m afraid my 4 shoots this week might have to be rescheduled…we’ll see. :-/

I also got new shades this weekend, even though the sun’s been rather elusive. They make me feel like the Terminator.

Can I just go ahead and tell you that I dreadfully fear growing up? When Andrew wears his suit, he looks like such a grown up man…which is weird since I still picture him as the 18-year old boy I met at Falls Creek. It sends me into a mild panic attack for fear of growing up, but also makes me feel like I married a sophisticated man. Especially since he likes Barnes & Noble so much. Baha.

Let’s talk about how cute my Boswell family is. Seriously. Are our heights not arranged perfectly in this picture!? I love them. We had a fabulous Easter lunch at Aunt Linda’s yesterday and spent the afternoon eating brisket and telling stories with family. :)

And guess what Aunt Laney gave me for my birthday!? YAY Pioneer Woman. :)

We then headed to the Wiley/Ulrich Easter. Here are the Ulrichs in all their glory. ;)

Three generations. Two of my greatest heroes.

The future Mr. & Mrs. Ulrich. :) *insert delighted giggle*

The fairly new Mr. & Mrs. Boswell. :) (Do you understand now what I mean when I say HE LOOKS SO MAN-LIKE!?)

True story: I am my Dad in younger, female form. It’s scary how much alike we are sometimes. I’m not sure why, but we love to smirk in pictures.

It’s happening. Alyssa is growing too tall and wearing heels too often, and people are starting to tell us we look like twins.

Luckily though, all one would have to do to tell us apart is give us each a camera. Whoever takes pictures this awful is Alyssa.

How we managed to get this one with the camera in her hands remains a mystery. Big brother is so handsome!

Confession. My biggest fear currently (even more than growing up) is having children. It scares me to death. But this picture melts my heart and makes me chuckle. My cousins love Andrew. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and some good time with Jesus and family! I’m so glad He’s alive. :)



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