Here Comes the Sun

What an incredibly interesting weekend Oklahoma has had. :) We had excessive amounts of rain, tornadoes, hail, and craziness. But yesterday… Yesterday was beautiful. And the weather forecast this week is looking absolutely glorious.

I shot a wedding yesterday for two of my oldest friends, and I could not BELIEVE how beautiful the weather was after such a scary weekend of storms! Say hello to two of my dear friends that I grew up with in high school – now an old married couple. ;)

Look at those skies! Mollie & Dustin could not have had a better day weather-wise. :)

I know. They’re ridiculously photogenic.

Confession. Sometimes I like to go to weddings and not shoot them when I personally know the bride & groom. I rarely go to weddings now where I’m not shooting them, so it’s a nice break every now and then. ;) However, I think this wedding in particular was one I could only enjoy the most by shooting it. I got to spend the day following my good friends and laughing at the hilarity of their friends and family, and it was just beautiful. I cried like a baby. Haha. Congrats you two! :)


And in other news…it’s going to be in the 70s and 80s all week. :-D I’m going walking later today and hopefully every day this week! Andrew’s birthday is Saturday, and PRAISE THE LORD he has the day off so we can finally hang out for a day just the two of us. It’s been far too long since we’ve gotten to chill, and I’m SO looking forward to it. :)

And because Mondays are usually melancholy and dull, here. Enjoy some funnies from Pinterest. :)


 <- This child is a genius.





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