The Man I Didn’t Plan to Fall in Love With

Tomorrow is my love’s birthday, and wouldn’t you know…this is my 100th post! How fitting. :) He will be 23 years old, and people, that frightens me. I like to call him a kid…a boy…never a man. Mostly because I’m terrified of growing older, and if he grows older, that means I have to grow older too. Alas, he is looking manly.

He let me take some pictures of/with him to document his current age. :) SUCH a good husband, as he basically lets me take pictures all the time.

This. Smile. This smile is one of my favorites.

Of course, this one isn’t bad either. ;)

Oh so serious.

I have fallen in love with a field. This field. With its overgrown mossy grass and trees and perfect lighting. I’m not telling anyone where it is because now it is mine. ;) Andrew looks so dreamy in it. :)

Can we acknowledge that Hubs and I are brilliant at remote-controlled portraits now? Honestly. I’m really impressed with us. I am, however, SOOO looking forward to my BFF Kristi Belle taking pictures of us for our one-year, because it’s so much easier to focus (no pun intended) when you don’t have to worry about hiding a remote in your hand. ;)

He’s just so darn cute. :)

Last night, after a celebratory dinner at Shogun with the fabulous in-laws (pics to come later), I gave Andrew five envelopes with five “doors” to choose from for our birthday celebrations on Saturday. Each envelope had a mini, ridiculous poem with different options for the day’s plans, and I also included a picture of a golden retriever, because those are his favorites, and a wallet picture of us. He’s pretty sure he’s chosen Door #2. :) I’ll take pictures and tell you what we do when I post next week.

This whole being married thing is really great. I highly recommend it. I must admit though, marrying Andrew wasn’t originally my plan. You remember me? The planner? The list-maker? I make several lists a day to stay sane. I have a To Do list that I follow to the letter. I plan down to the minute. I didn’t plan to fall in love with Andrew.

Before I met him, I went through a series of self-esteem issues and had been struggling for a couple weeks. I was peeved that I’d always been “the friend” – the girl that every guy is friends with, but won’t ask on a date. It started to affect my sense of worth, and I remember coming to a point of total surrender to God – letting him handle the future, handle my lack of a love life, and handle my heart. Ironically enough, the week after I made this sort of surrender, I went to Falls Creek…where I met my husband. My idea of surrender was that I’d be single for a while, grow closer to God, and be perfectly okay with that. And I was. God has a funny way of giving you exactly what you want right after you tell Him you don’t want it. 

After that week of foursquare, flirting, and an icee date, needless to say, I was smitten. When Andrew and I went on our first real date, I remember telling myself I would only continue dating him if he prayed before our meal. [Side note: Go to Steve’s Ribs – get the chicken breast dinner with corn on the cob and steak fries. It’s divine. We return to Steve’s often.] After we got our food, Andrew prayed to bless it with no prompt, and I decided I’d marry him. I could not ask for a better husband!

It’s been almost five years since I met that boy whose butt I kicked in foursquare. ;) And I have to admit he’s the best thing that I didn’t plan.


Happy birthday (tomorrow) my love! I’m ever so glad God planned for me to marry you. :)



2 thoughts on “The Man I Didn’t Plan to Fall in Love With

  1. Maybe you’ll share this new favorite spot when we come in town so you can take pictures? :) Dylan wasn’t in my plan either but I’m so glad that God knew better!

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