Packing the Piles. Missing The Mountains.

Wow. Moving has quickly become the most daunting task of all time. I had no idea how long it would take, and I’ve never been more thankful for the ability to take time off from my work. Yesterday was completely dedicated to packing, sitting on the couch for five minutes recuperating every two hours, and then repeating the vicious cycle. Did I mention my dear sweet husband has finals next week? So I’ve packed all but three boxes by myself while he works and goes to school and studies? No, it’s not his fault in the slightest but yes, I’m about to go insane. BUT the moving truck comes tomorrow morning with the fabulous moving help of our family, the storage unit is open tomorrow, and the boxes get moved out of what used to seem like our big apartment TOMORROW. Praise the Lord. We’re staying at my parents’ house until we can get into OUR NEW HOUSE. I’m a wee bit excited. :)

And today, I’m daydreaming of this place. It’s my favorite, and I miss it dreadfully. It’s all I can afford to post today since I unfortunately have to continue packing until I’m finished. :-P Wish me luck!

And this video makes me smile. :)


P.S. Also. I had a dream last night that Keith Urban was singing to a crowd of fifteen, and I was in that crowd with a really annoying girl who kept going up and touching his face in the middle of his melodic goodness! Then Alyssa and Dad and I jumped on trampolines for ten minutes before we realized our country was about to bombed, and we went into save-the-world mode and I’m fairly certain the Mission Impossible music started playing in my dream.

K bye.


One thought on “Packing the Piles. Missing The Mountains.

  1. Best of luck … you must be so excited, with your new home awaiting. I’ve moved so [too?] many times. The picture looks heavenly. LOL @ the Keith Urban dream :D

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