The Second Time I Was a Bride

I sure hope that title intrigued you guys. ;)

Let’s talk about my wedding photographer. Her name’s Benita, and she’s basically the coolest, sweetest person alive. She’s German and hilarious and a brilliant photographer and friend of mine. If you’ve seen my wedding and engagement photos, you know just how SPECTACULAR she is. Earlier this week, she asked if I’d be willing to be a bridal model for a SMUG seminar she was teaching/hosting at her house, and I giddily agreed! I met her in Norman to try on wedding dresses Wednesday from the fabulous Bridal Boutique, and we picked this one!

See that cute, smiling lady in the background on the left? That’s Benita. And that’s how she always looks. Happy. :)

This past Thursday, I made the trek to her FABULOUS house in Purcell, and we spent the afternoon laughing as she did my hair and makeup and I tested her three precious kiddos on their spelling words. And before I knew it, I was in a wedding dress in the middle of a field in front of 50 photographers all shooting me at once, and it was the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. Hahaha. But it was SUCH fun. :) Here’s one of the shots Benita took. Yes. She did my hair and makeup AND took pictures. She a magician.

I know. I don’t even look like Caitlin. It makes me chuckle too. :-P

And in other news, we are doing just lovely staying at my parents house, eating their cookies and drinking their chocolate milk. :) Andrew & I are meeting up with our landlord to SIGN OUR LEASE TODAAAAAAY. I am unbelievably ready to be settled in our house and swinging on the front porch. :)

Have a lovely weekend, every last one of you! Expect more picture posts soon…I’ve lots to show you. :)



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