I Promise I’ll Blog Soon

I know. It’s been a while. And I don’t even have time to make this post worthy of blogging…but hopefully this sneak-peek picture of my freshly-painted kitchen will give you the patience to make it through until I have a free moment to share all the glorious details of our house. ;)

I’m obsessed with my kitchen. I know the counters are covered in cleaning and paint supplies. And you can’t even see all of the cabinets in this picture. Get excited for the several pictures to come. ;)

I’m off to day 3 of painting. Every single bone in my body is aching and I’ve never been more exhausted in my life, but our house is going to be so cute. :) Tonight, we break from our 3 days of painting to shower Brad & Sherree with wedding presents :D and then tomorrow is move-in-the-big-stuff and sleep-in-our-own-bed day! HOORAY!

Thank you Mom and Dad for letting us live in your house and eat your food for the past week, and for giving us your washer & dryer. We loves you. Thank you to Mom and Dad-in-law for your superior painting skills and for giving us your fridge. We loves you. Thank you to brother-in-law for helping us paint and for making humorous comments. We loves you. Thank you to best friend Kristi Belle for bringing me a chocolate malt and helping me paint that tricky trim. We loves you.

Happy Friday! I promise I’ll blog for real soon and hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. ;)



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