Happy Anniversary – Wedding Recap Part 1

I am truly ASTOUNDED that in exactly one week Andrew & I will be celebrating our one-year anniversary. I can’t believe time has flown by so quickly! Our first year of marriage was quite an exciting adventure, and I can’t wait to see what the next 50 years hold with my man. :)

Hubs and I will be leaving Sunday and spending Monday (our actual anniversary day) in the place where dreams allegedly come true…DISNEY WORLD. :D Tuesday, we’re planning to lay out by the pool, go to some shopping centers, and eat. all. day. long. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say Tuesday of our vacation is going to revolve around food…I’ve mapped out the closest Johnny Rocket’s and the closest Friendly’s, and you better believe we’re hitting them both up. (Sometimes I wonder how we don’t weigh 300 pounds.) I wish each of you could experience the greatness of an ice cream sundae from Friendly’s. Please promise me, all of you, that if you ever come across a Friendly’s on your world travels, you will go inside and get some ice cream. Specifically a Reese’s sundae. Mmk? Aside from our Disney fun and food consumption, we’re going to do some much-needed resting…chilling by the pool reading our books, reminiscing about our first year of marriage, and pretending we live in Florida. I can’t even wait. :)

And in honor of this splendid anniversary coming up, I thought I’d do a wedding recaps series, because well, it was pretty much the best day ever. ;) Enjoy today’s starter post – the pre-ceremony happenings and details. :)

[*All photos by the fabulous and lovable Benita of BRC Photography and her friend Becky*]

From top left to right: 1. Mom hugs are the best. 2. Andrew was in good hands getting ready with Dad-in-law. 3. Mama cinching my dress up to make me look skinny.

Middle left to right: 1. Reading the letter Andrew wrote me. 2. One of the many times I cried that day…holding up the Bible Andrew gave me as a wedding present. 3. More letter reading and crying.

Bottom left to right: 1. My best friend is so the cutest person ever. If you don’t know her, I feel really sorry for you. 2. Andrew reading his letter and opening his gifts. 3. Mom laughing at something. I probably just told her I had a wedgie.

Opening my presents in my fancy “Soon to be Mrs. Boswell” tank top. I personalized mine at Pink Velvet Press on Etsy. Also, I desperately miss being tan.

My second wedding gift was a cardigan with a note that said “For Your Shivers” because I always get cold in restaurants…and everywhere else indoors for that matter.

I’m 99% sure I’m yelling “I’M CLAUSTROPHOBIC” at this point.

Andrew’s very first present to me was this necklace on our 1-month anniversary. I remember thinking it was silly that he was getting me a present after one month of dating, but when I saw it was a cross necklace, I melted.

I wish I knew what I was thinking at this point. My guess is either “Wow, I’m about to get married” or “Gosh, I’d really love some cookie cake right now.”

On the other side of the church, Andrew opened his presents. No, I didn’t gift him those Quail Springs Baptist Church magazines with our faces…we just happened to be on there for a story, and they were everywhere throughout the church. Haha.

True story. Can you read that post-it note? As high school seniors, our Sunday school classes wrote letters to their future spouses, and we each had to pick and read one of the boys’ letters. I picked Andrew’s. Oh God, You are so clever. ;) (And that journal with Andrew dipping me is a notebook I wrote in from the time we got engaged to the day before we got married.)

Jewelry, shoes, dress. The works.

Dallas Cowboys garter – also from Etsy, from this shop.

Top left: Entrance table. Bottom left: Guest book I made. Top right: All our cute nautical invites to various events. Middle right: Inside of guest book. Bottom right: Our invitations we made with the assistance of my super talented brother Bradford.

I adore this shot Benita took of our rings. I’m in love with my engagement ring…have I mentioned this? Sapphires are so prettttttty.

Top two pictures are our wedding programs I designed with more font and color help from Bradford. They were probably my favorite detail from my wedding. We put a ceremony and bridal party list of course, but also included “Thank You,” “Name that Movie,” and “Did You Know?” sections.

Aggh. I just looove them.

Let us all take a moment to bow to my mom and mom-in-law, as well as to Tony Foss and Marianne’s for getting this brilliant canopy to stand and look gorgeous.

Next up for the recaps…the portraits and people I adore. :)



3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary – Wedding Recap Part 1

    • Hi Rashall! I actually made the template myself in Photoshop, so I don’t have it anymore, but I ordered the programs through Bayphoto.com! They have great accordion-fold cards that we used, and then we just cut out ribbon to tie them together. I hope this helps! :)

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