Happy Anniversary – Wedding Recap Part 2

Guys. I’m going to Disney World in a few days. Just had to tell you…for the 72nd time.

Now. Enjoy my ridiculously good-looking friends and family. ;)

These people are the absolute greatest.

I wish I had an audio recording of what Brad was saying at this moment. Lol.

Oh hubs. You’re so cute.

Can we talk about how the world’s best-looking ladies were my bridesmaids?! I love them dearly. Middle left: Kristi Michele…BFF and professional laugher. She completes me. Middle right: Sweet Brette…the one person I know who is literally incapable of saying anything mean. She’s presh. Bottom left: Kathleen Marie…the BFF I’ve had the longest – she’s also about to be the prettiest bride ever this weekend! Bottom middle: Lexi Loo…I loved her so much I named my dog after her. Okay, maybe not literally, but she IS the best roomie ever. Bottom right: Alyssa AKA Worm….the eternal smirking partner in crime.

This is why we are best friends. This picture sums up our friendship perfectly. :)


I know this will be one of those things I look back at in 20 years and say, “Really? Parasols, Cait?!” and my children will mock me for being so queer. But Hobby Lobby sucks me in every time with their spring stuff, and I love this picture.

Apparently, I like brunettes.

Such studs, I can’t even handle it.


Top left: Brother-in-law. Top middle: Brother by blood. Top right: Andrew and brother. Left bottom: Dave, the coolest Sunday School teacher Andrew ever had. Bottom middle: Jerod, one of our oldest BFFs. Bottom right: Our beloved and hilarious Wesley, holding the tree limbs out of the way for us. Hahaha.

This is pure greatness.

Our parents are styling.

One of my top 5 favorite pictures from the day. :)

This one is in the top 5 too. :) Love my Daddy.

Family. :) And Pastor Hance, who I like to call God’s best friend.

I get to boast of the three cutest cousins of all time. Look at them. They’re darling. I wish they could stay little forever!

Seriously. They’re the cutest people alive. ;)

I’m obsessed with our nautical color combo. :)

Next up for the recaps…my freakishly handsome husband and myself…first look and portraits and silliness. :)



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