My Best Friend’s Wedding

Hubs and I are leaving for Florida in JUST A FEW HOURS. We’re spending the morning finishing our packing and eating pancakes. The anniversary weekend has begun. :D But before we head out, I had to share this post with you…because I stayed up late making sure I had time to post it in the morning. Yesterday was one of my very best friends’ weddings, and it was too precious of a day to wait to blog about it. ;)

Once upon a time, I was in junior high. My family changed churches, and I was in the most awkward of my many awkward stages. I basically had no friends at church for a few weeks, and I used to pretend I didn’t feel good and go to the bathroom during church activities because I felt so awkward and loser-ish. Baha. True story. One of my first real friends, and one of the few to talk to me in the beginning, was Kathleen Biddy. I immediately tried to befriend her when I heard her witty sarcasm. ;) Somewhere amidst the mission trips, the youth group hangouts and the hilarity, we became BFFs.

We hung out at friends houses together.

Circa 2006, BTW.

We ate ice cream together.

We went to youth group together.

We hung out with our other BFF Trey together. (P.S. Her brother Michael is making the funny face in the background. He’s funny and dry-humored too.)

I watched her graduate.

Then she watched me graduate.

We made silly faces together.

We even watched a horse race together.

And then she stood by me the day I got married.

And yesterday, I took pictures of her and her brand new husband as she got married. :)

She and her hubs are moving to Florida this week, and while I bawled my eyes out like a baby yesterday and last night having to say goodbye, I could not possibly be more excited for her and the adventure she gets to go on these next few months. :)

Now. All of you join me in my request for her to start a blog. ;)

Love you Kath-ted! Miss you already.

And now, I go to Florida for a few days and pretend I’m moving there too. Hahaha. Happy Sunday loves! :)



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