A Year Ago Today

Today is our 1-year anniversary! While we live it up at Disney World, I want you to be able to enjoy hilarity and greatness too…so here. Have a poem and some freakishly old, embarrassing photos. ;)

A year ago today, I married a handsome man.

I’d loved him for a while, and I’ve no doubt it was God’s plan.

He met me playing four-square, where I schooled him at Falls Creek,

And though he claims he let me win, we both know I had him beat. ;)

[Disclaimer: This is 5 years ago on our first lunch date. We know we look awful. We know we have bad hair. Let it go and remember us as we are now…older and wiser ;) Haha.]

And then he bought me ice cream, and well, from then on my heart was his.

And he quoted a line from a movie before he gave me our first kiss.

He prayed with me and bought me presents, and went along with my photo shoots.

So naturally, I married him! And lucky for me, he’s super cute!

[Also 5 years ago.]

Today, we’re ruling Disney World and eating french fries like crazy.

And tomorrow we’ll be swimming, and eating more, and being lazy!

I sure do love him lots, and I’m so glad I married that man!

Now look through all these old photos, and don’t judge us, if you can.











Happy Anniversary, Hubs! You’re the greatest ever. :) Let’s go ride the Buzz Lightyear ride 50 times. ;)



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