Can I Have Another?

Vacation? Can I have another vacation? Can it be twelve times longer? Can I eat ice cream 50 more times while I’m there?

Andrew & I had a marvelous one-year celebratory trip to Orlando, and I am so. stinkin. sad. it’s over. Truly, we were bitter people on the day we had to leave. Haha. BUT it was a wonderful and much-needed trip, and I will now reminisce by showing you lots of pictures. ;) And by lots, I mean lots in clusters so you don’t have a heart attack while scrolling vigorously. :)

First things first. If you are looking for a hotel in Orlando, look into Lake Buena Vista Resort & Spa. It is now my favorite place ever. ;) Seriously – the staff was great, the pool was awesome, and the room was fantastic. They have a free shuttle to Disney World. AND there is a Pizza Hut Express in the hotel. I realize that may just be something that only I would get really excited about… Here’s a few shots of our room. :)

Yes. We had a 2-bedroom suite for some reason!? Promise I only booked us a 1-bedroom, but we didn’t complain! Nice big kitchen and bedroom, GIANT JACUZZI TUB, and a big screen TV. Heaven.

Monday morning, at 9:00 AM, we took the shuttle to DISNEY WORLD. And we didn’t get back to our hotel till 11:00 PM. I would not recommend doing all four parks in one day if you are not prepared to have blisters and walk for what feels like a marathon. But it was less expensive to go just for a day…and on the plus side, we are apparently immature people who get overly excited and hyper at theme parks, and we handled the exhaustion quite well I thought. ;)


It was the cutest thing ever watching Andrew get excited when we got to ride “Star Tours” and take his picture with Storm Troopers.  Lol.

I’d like to shake the hand of the people responsible for the creation and upkeep of Animal Kingdom. It’s a Caitlin heaven.


Tuesday was spent swimming at the pool, eating more than we should have, and going into town. :) We walked around a cute little plaza after eating lunch at Johnny Rocket’s and wound up seeing Avengers at this swanky movie theater…because I wanted to see it a 3rd time, and Andrew didn’t mind seeing it a 4th. ;) We then walked to Friendly’s…for the best ice cream of our lives.

Guys. I mean this with every bone in my body. Go to Friendly’s. Eat the Reese’s sundae. Thank me later.

Wednesday morning, we went to the pool one last time. We ate our bagels and cinnamon rolls for the last time and went down the pirate ship slide numerous times like six-year olds. (Clearly, marriage has matured us.)

We could have stayed at that pirate ship pool all day, and I could have eaten twelve more bagels, and I’m sure Andrew would’ve loved twelve more cinnamon rolls. Needless to say, coming home Wednesday night was a sad journey. It’s a good thing our parents took us to Ted’s, or the day would’ve been utterly miserable. ;)

Sigh. I’m now planning a return trip. I love my handsome Hubs.



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