The Fastest Week of All Time

Let me explain the reason for my absence.

Last Sunday: Flew to Florida
Monday: Disney World & anniversary day
Tuesday: Pool and Orlando Day
Wednesday: Flew home to OK
Thursday: Unpacked. Repacked.
Friday: Left for Texas at 7 AM. Arrived around 6 PM.
Saturday: Day in Wimberley, TX. River rafting, napping, rehearsal dinner with excellent fajitas.
Sunday: Shot sweet cousin Heather’s wedding.
Memorial Day Monday: Drove home with hubs and mom and dad-in-law. Had a killer chocolate malt.
Monday night: Watched Princess Bride with Hubs and ate Uncle Mitch’s cookies.

And today. Today I am sleepy. Why? Because I woke up at 3:45 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. I plan to nap this afternoon.

On the bright side, I did edit some preview pictures while I was an insomniac. Here’s a quick peek into the ridiculous amount of cuteness of this weekend. My husband’s family is cooler than yours. ;)

I have a looot of planned posts coming up the next couple weeks…several pictures and stories and happenings. Stay tuned, my loves. :)



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