A Weekend in Wimberley

Andrew’s sweet cousin Heather got married this past Sunday in Wimberley, Texas, and I had the privilege of shooting the wedding. We made the 8 hour trek to a town I’d never heard of, but please enjoy how cute it is with me!

Most of the family stayed in this house…gooorgeous.

Andrew and I got this cute little house to ourselves!

Oh, hello there, clawfoot tub!

Screened-in back porch…yes, you do see a hot tub out there!

This is the river 100 yards down from the big house.

And most of the next pictures are cell phone pics…apologies. :-P

We went “river rafting” Saturday morning. And by river rafting, I mean we floated 2 mph on a foot-deep river and hit our bums on rocks every 10 seconds. ;) But it was delightful.

Can you see Andrew? Haha.

So. Pretty.

And we got to hang with baby Keaton! I wuv him. I wuv him even more because I don’t have to have a baby while he’s still little and cute and entertaining. ;)

Mom-in-law took this for us a few minutes before the wedding. Hubs. Why must you look so much like a man? Stay young with me. ;)

Happy Thursday!



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